Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Still intact after today's affairs. A bit loopy, but intact.

Sometimes, loopiness helps. Take the second post below this one, for example. You've got a call for awareness round there. A sort of wake-up call, for those willing to listen.

And sometimes loopiness can have NASTY results. The post just below this one is one such example. At that, you'd think I'd know better than to post on things like that.

But I think that both posts illustrate the parts of my humanity. What makes me human. In as much as I would like to be an equal to God himself, I realize that only He has the right to his position.

He created us with certain strengths and weaknesses, to allow us to understand ourselves before attempting to understand others and Him Himself (that's no typo, there). If he created us with full perfection, we would not learn much from that.

He created us to be human. Neither angels nor animals. However, depending on our actions, we may either be able to surpass His angels, or be MUCH WORSE than animals.

Although we humans have a tendency to disregard God for material science and proof, at the end of the day, we cannot run from the realization that He is always around. And yet, some of us still try, but these attempts are futile. For NO one can disregard the presence of God (regardless who you believe in), no matter how much we attempt to deny His existance.

Current Music: "Ciel's Memory _ Truth of Hero" (Rockman Zero: Remastered - Track 22). It's a drama track this time. Think of Rockman Zero as an anime this time.

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