Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saviour-V teleports into his Sanctuary once more, after a long period of absence...

OK, so I hedged out. But that's because I've been busy making money from various places. Among these is a place called Platinum Lounge.

Like myLot, which is another place I'm with, these guys pay for participating in their forums and contests. Although myLot doesn't have any contests yet.

It's worth noting that PL here pays via PayPal, and that you get paid twice in a month, provided you happen to have a certain rank that is high enough to get paid.

Enter the PL points system. Points can be racked up through participation in PL, and notably through adding new friends who join up and become active participants. The more points you get, the higher the rank you'll be in, and the more you'll get paid per cycle.

Here's my referral URL, in case you're interested:

Having said that, PL was also nominated for the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, presented by If you'd like to vote for Platinum Lounge, I've added a widget below just for that.

Feel free to put a few votes in, to make Platinum Lounge one of the best sites to be.

Saviour-V grins, and teleports out of the Sanctuary...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Blood Phoenix Sanctuary's silence is disturbed by the familiar sound of a teleportation beam appearing within a nearby teleportation capsule. As the beam solidifies, the familiar outline of Saviour-V can be seen, and our hero steps out from the capsule...

I believe that I've been away from this place for a long time. A lot of things have happened these days. Let me begin with one of the most important ones.

Saviour-V clears his throat, before continuing...

My laptop's been stolen. Back on the 9th of September, sometime around 18:30, I accidentally left behind the driver's seat of my car while I went window-shopping in the city of Shah Alam. Two hours later, I found my rear left window broken, and my laptop gone.

As a result, I've lost about 4 years of data, memories, and contacts. All these were within that laptop, and its loss pains me to no end.

Now, while I know it's my fault for being careless enough to leave my laptop in plain sight, I am quite cross at the fact that I'm not the only person to lose something precious that way. In fact, even with the necessary precautions, many other people have lost their precious items nonetheless.

While tracking down the criminal is pretty close to impossible, I hope and pray that he or she gets caught someday, hopefully in my grasp, so that I may exact revenge for the sake of everyone who's lost something to the thief (or thieves, depending).

Thievery has degressed from a private annoyance to an outright public annoyance these days here in Malaysia, and it's not just the stealing of belongings that makes my blood boil; the level of corruption here in Malaysia is another case of stealing, except that it's from ALL of its citizens, as opposed to single individuals.

Which brings me to point #2. Anwar Ibrahim, one of our ministers, has commenced a direct psychological assault on the ruling Barisan Nasional (Unified Front) government, claiming that he has enough support to take over control of Malaysia. Personally, I hope he has what it takes to rule this country, should he succeed. There have been a number of bloodied pages in the history of this country, and such stories should be brought to a more peaceful end.

Having said both points, these days, I'm working on increasing my personal funds. More online, than offline. Expect a couple of banners in the next few days, as well as a few changes...

A signpost, thrown from the darkness, flies through the air, whacking Saviour-V on the back of his head...

Ow. What's this?

Rubbing his sore head, Saviour-V picks up the offending projectile, and reads out its message: "YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO THAT AGES AGO! WHY AREN'T YOU UPDATING ANYTHING?"...

Ahh, yes. Well, work's been keeping me busy, for the most part. But at least now, since my laptop's gone, I've got enough motivation to get things improved down here. Just need to keep my spirits up.

Anyway, if anyone still reads this, and still remembers my email, pass me a message and tell me how you are, so I can create a new list of contacts to replace the one lost with my old laptop.


Saviour-V steps back into the teleportation capsule, and the lid of it closes. A few seconds later, what was once Saviour-V becomes a beam of light, which shoots out from the top of the capsule, and into space.

Ladies and gents, Saviour-V has officially teleported out, for the time being, that is...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Saviour-V teleports into the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary...

There are certain individuals who have gained notoriety for lying. Surprisingly, such people remain free, and unbound by justice. Such people will eventually be punished, sooner or later.

There are also some people who deliberately lie just to save their own skins, because of something embarrassing. And I am quite ashamed that a few of these were once my friends.

"The truth will set you free," as one popular saying goes. Unfortunately, these individuals chose to disregard that advice. One person chose to lie to ensure that her secret life would never resurface. Another person led on quite a bit, but would provide no rationale for her actions.

And I have known these two for a long time now. In fact, when I was feeling down recently (and with this development, I still do), these same individuals would not come forward and admit their sins.

All that I desire is honesty, but I've been lied to by many people, time and time again. Hence the reason why I'm tempted to let God take my life in order to see if they can still maintain that facade for as long as their lives will allow.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I propose a wager: one with my life on the line. I predict that my life will be ended either by the end of July, or on August 2008. However, as for how my life will end, I leave it to God to decide.

I have some fear of death, but I hope that my death will bring a few people to their senses. I have a number of my own sins, and I'm quite prepared to pay the price for them. I know that direct suicide is wrong, so I leave it to God to judge if I should live or die by that time.

Now, if God chooses to keep me alive after August 31st, 2008, then that would be a sign, hopefully, for those individuals to either apologize, or knock some sense into me.

We'll see. The bet is on, ladies and gentlemen. Place your bets.

Saviour-V teleports out of the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Saviour-V teleports into the "German Deli iMBiSS" shop in Ara Damansara, and glances around...

As I'm sitting here, typing out this entry, one of the patrons here is currently enjoying the "Double-Biss" Meatloaf with Cheese - the star of tonight's review.

Back during my previous visit, I was told that this particular item was a Big Mac killer in terms of size. And, having seen and tasted that particular hot sandwich, I conclude that the Big Mac does NOT stand much of a chance taste-wise, although, price-wise, it's much cheaper.

But I digress. At RM 11.80 (before the 5% government tax), this is the second-most expensive German sandwich that GDI has, next to it's Smoked Duck Breast Sandwich (at RM 15.80 before the 5% tax).

However, the taste of this meat-carrier - and I've got to admit that there's lots of meaty goodness in this one - is very nice. A pity that I coated it in mustard halfway through the meal, for this is one of those burgers (well, it's a sort of burger, actually) that tastes real nice without any extra sauces.

Saviour-V notices more customers entering the establishment...

Of course, some may say that there's too much of it to go round, and indeed, there is. Two German meatloaf pieces, plus cheese, carrots, pickles and sauerkraut, sandwiched together between two halves of a much larger burger bun than the Big Mac's got. A sure winner in my book, if you ask me. Plenty to go round.

But enough talking, ladies and gents. Don't just take it from me - go and check out the place yourself!

Here's the address, by the way:

German Deli iMBiSS,
D-G-31, Block D,
No. 31, Jalan PJU 1A/20B,
Dataran Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

By the way, this is just off the road from the old Subang Airport. Instead of going over the flyover leading there, take the lower route, then turn right and go straight into Ara Damansara. Avoid the left turn and keep going straight, and look out for a number of shophouses with blue roofs, and a sign to the right that leads into them.

This is just before the traffic lights, so once you spot the sign, go right, and keep going straight. Just after a Chinese restaurant on your left, you should also spot GDI on the same side less than a few metres away. It's open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but later on, they'll keep it open till 10 p.m.

If you need directions, I'll post up a proper map later. Cheerio, people!

Saviour-V grins slightly, before he teleports out of the GDI, as its lights come on for tonight's visitors...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saviour-V teleports in, and checks out the Internet for a moment, before turning to meet his audience...

Just thought I'd share a little mini-review here. NFP. In other words, not for profit. Although some profit wouldn't be a bad idea, heh.

About a month ago, a German convert by the name of Ludwig Gaisbauer, better known here as Nazrin bin Abdullah, came up with the novel idea of bringing German cuisine to the Muslim masses here in Malaysia. This came, by the way, about 5 years after he came up with his business establishment, GERMAN DELICATESSEN SDN BHD.

Now, that outlet's been churning out plenty of bratwurst - fine chopped meat sausages - as well as a few other interesting German dishes off late. In fact, I discovered the place purely by accident today.

How, you ask?

Saviour-V grins slightly...

Well, I happened to be the invigilator for one examination at work today, and once the examination was over, my gaze fell upon a leaflet on the table, proclaiming "German Deli iMBiSS - Original German Bratwurst". I picked up the leaflet, and turned it round to view the menu, and while the sausages looked rather appetizing, I spotted a handwritten comment: "no pork?"

Thankfully, there was a URL in the leaflet, and I've confirmed that yes, it's halal all right, so it was open season for sossies! Called up a colleague, and by lunchtime, both of us were busy munching on a few choice dishes there.

The first item we both tried was the Reuben Sandwich - my colleague's idea, in fact. This particular version contained beef pastrami and Mr. Ludwig's home-made sauerkraut, in addition to a few choice vegetables. The slightly sour taste of the sauerkraut complemented the taste of the pastrami, giving it a rather mature flavour, and Mad also provided his approval of this sandwich. It's worth RM 9.80, not including 5% tax.

Next up, we each had the set meal - a single sausage served with a choice of 2 side dishes. Mad chose the Spicy Beefi (RM 10.50 before tax), along with Buttered Corn and Sauerkraut, and a mushroom sauce to go with his meal, while I had the Jalapeno Chilli Fire Kracker (RM 9.80 before tax), served with Vegetable Rice and German-Style Mashed Potatoes, and black pepper sauce.

Mad's sausage was more "meaty", according to him, unlike the "average 1901 hotdog," as he so eloquently put it. In fact, the mushroom sauce complemented his meal perfectly. "You could smell and taste the rosemary and other spices in it," he said.

As for me, the Fire Kracker WASN'T as explosive as I thought; while I expected it to be particularly spicy, it came up a little sour, but I figure that my choice of sauce kind of dampened its spiciness a little. I'd honestly say that this particular sausage has a somewhat mature sourness.

Having said my fair share about the food, I must say that the place is well-decorated. More in the fashion of a fast-food outlet, as sausages are, but the colours chosen for the floor tiles and walls are quite inviting. The chairs were comfy, too.

The service was relatively all right. I'd say that at least they took our orders on time, but the cooking time must've taken them a bit. I guess that my only complaint would be the lack of more dishes on the menu.

All in all, the place is quite a nice place to dine in, and it's also good if you want to grab an item and scramble back to the office in a heartbeat. However, if you have gout or anything else that can ruin your enjoyment of their main dishes, you might as well enjoy the strudels they've got, instead.

Out of 10 stars, I'd give the establishment an 8. It's a great place to go, but go easy on the processed meat.

Saviour-V bows, and teleports out...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Alarm bells ring out in the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary, as Saviour-V teleports in...

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don't already know of today, Malaysia's fuel prices have officially gone up.

Notably, if you're a petrol user, like myself, you can say goodbye to the old price of Ringgit Malaysia 1.92, and curse the government for their new price of Ringgit Malaysia 2.70. And we thought that new price would've shown up in August, not this early!

Needless to say, the prices of other things will go up, and things will get hairy. Sure, we know that Badawi (Malaysia's Prime Minister) lost his first wife to disease at one point, but he's been far too wishy-washy since then. Heck, I think he must've been fickle way before his old wife died.

And the people are suffering. If things are not properly handled, I foresee a possible large-scale riot within my own country. And when that happens, anarchy will be the order of the day.

I shudder to think of that outcome, yet I feel that I may need to lead this riot if it comes. In my humble opinion, BADAWI MUST GO!

Saviour-V teleports out of the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saviour-V teleports into the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary, and places a golden orb on one of the pedestals in the hallway....

I never thought I'd say this, but I've received something quite precious, and yet, I don't know what it means. That golden orb is symbolic of this.

Saviour-V glances at the golden orb, before turning his attention to those present....

One of my former Blood Phoenixes, codenamed Pearl, contacted me back on Wednesday, the 28th of May 2008, and revealed some rather interesting details about herself, to put it mildly. However, I still don't know why she mentioned all that.

Perhaps there is something more to her words and actions that I can't figure out just yet, but I'm hoping that she'll explain everything to me soon enough.

Until then, all I can do is hope and pray for the best.

That aside, I'll be submitting this blog for approval by either Helium or Smorty, or both if I feel like it. I need to get my funds up, and ReviewMe's been rather quiet lately.

Saviour-V teleports out from the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary, as usual....