Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Blood Phoenix Sanctuary's silence is disturbed by the familiar sound of a teleportation beam appearing within a nearby teleportation capsule. As the beam solidifies, the familiar outline of Saviour-V can be seen, and our hero steps out from the capsule...

I believe that I've been away from this place for a long time. A lot of things have happened these days. Let me begin with one of the most important ones.

Saviour-V clears his throat, before continuing...

My laptop's been stolen. Back on the 9th of September, sometime around 18:30, I accidentally left behind the driver's seat of my car while I went window-shopping in the city of Shah Alam. Two hours later, I found my rear left window broken, and my laptop gone.

As a result, I've lost about 4 years of data, memories, and contacts. All these were within that laptop, and its loss pains me to no end.

Now, while I know it's my fault for being careless enough to leave my laptop in plain sight, I am quite cross at the fact that I'm not the only person to lose something precious that way. In fact, even with the necessary precautions, many other people have lost their precious items nonetheless.

While tracking down the criminal is pretty close to impossible, I hope and pray that he or she gets caught someday, hopefully in my grasp, so that I may exact revenge for the sake of everyone who's lost something to the thief (or thieves, depending).

Thievery has degressed from a private annoyance to an outright public annoyance these days here in Malaysia, and it's not just the stealing of belongings that makes my blood boil; the level of corruption here in Malaysia is another case of stealing, except that it's from ALL of its citizens, as opposed to single individuals.

Which brings me to point #2. Anwar Ibrahim, one of our ministers, has commenced a direct psychological assault on the ruling Barisan Nasional (Unified Front) government, claiming that he has enough support to take over control of Malaysia. Personally, I hope he has what it takes to rule this country, should he succeed. There have been a number of bloodied pages in the history of this country, and such stories should be brought to a more peaceful end.

Having said both points, these days, I'm working on increasing my personal funds. More online, than offline. Expect a couple of banners in the next few days, as well as a few changes...

A signpost, thrown from the darkness, flies through the air, whacking Saviour-V on the back of his head...

Ow. What's this?

Rubbing his sore head, Saviour-V picks up the offending projectile, and reads out its message: "YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO THAT AGES AGO! WHY AREN'T YOU UPDATING ANYTHING?"...

Ahh, yes. Well, work's been keeping me busy, for the most part. But at least now, since my laptop's gone, I've got enough motivation to get things improved down here. Just need to keep my spirits up.

Anyway, if anyone still reads this, and still remembers my email, pass me a message and tell me how you are, so I can create a new list of contacts to replace the one lost with my old laptop.


Saviour-V steps back into the teleportation capsule, and the lid of it closes. A few seconds later, what was once Saviour-V becomes a beam of light, which shoots out from the top of the capsule, and into space.

Ladies and gents, Saviour-V has officially teleported out, for the time being, that is...

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