Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Cheap shots galore.

Recently, my nerves went haywire.

Missed a meeting with Dhora, and got too cross with her. Should've understood her problems a little better back then.

She's forgiven me, but I think I'd better exercise more control over my anger than usual. In fact, I'm finding it harder to maintain the calmness I swore myself to 6 years ago.

I've become more unstable over time. At times, I wonder if I do have it in my soul to continue this life and fulfill my mission.

I hope I can still do this.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


We humans tend to be a mysterious lot. We usually tend to assume that clothes make the man (or woman).

For example, don a business suit, and walk into a shopping complex, and people will automatically assume that you're a successful businessman (or businesswoman, if you prefer).

And if you happen to be wearing the clothes of a VERY poor person, almost no one in society will EVER give you a second glance!

And yet, when the day has worn itself out, and we retire to our sanctuaries, most of us do one thing.

STRIP. Before stepping into the showers to bathe and refresh ourselves.

Now, before you do the same old routine for today, take a good look at yourself in the mirror (preferably a full-length one) TWICE:

1. Stand in front of the mirror while you're clothed in your usual attire, and give yourself an opinion on how you're feeling at that moment.

2. Then, strip yourself of your clothes, and stand in front of the mirror AGAIN. Give yourself an opinion on how you look THEN.

If you can still feel good about yourself in both situations, congratulations!

If NOT, then, as you look at your nude self, say, "I have all the endowments that God has given me, both in body and spirit. I will NOT allow myself to be belittled by others, for they are the SAME as me. I WILL succeed in Life, no matter how many people put me down!"

I believe that you might feel a whole lot better once you do.

Also, if there's something that you don't like about yourself, again, look at yourself, and say, "I WILL make an attempt to CHANGE, to become a BETTER person!"

Repeat that every time you head off to the showers.

Insya-Allah (God willing), this will help you IMMENSELY.

Now, let's see what THIS causes...^_^;;

Monday, December 01, 2003

A few more details about Saturday...

I NEVER thought that wedding vows were quite tricky to pronounce. My cousin had to repeat his wedding pledge 3 times before he finally got it right.

But then again, I wonder why he offered RM1001 as dowry for the bride.

Shades of "One Thousand and One Nights", perhaps? Could be...^_^;;

The Kadi, a.k.a. the Islamic Justice Of The Peace, mentioned three important things to the newly-wedded couple:

1. One must keep his house filled with knowledge, i.e. teach his whole family well in terms of wisdom.

2. One must keep praying, to ensure that the marriage is continuously blessed by Allah.

3. One must ALSO keep his wife entertained, i.e. a smile to his wife when he gets up, a kiss or hug every now and so often, and of course, foreplay to bring out the best in the two of them...^_^;;

That LAST item had me blushing. But then again, when you fail to ignite the romance in a relationship, it's as good as a DEAD one.

Considering that my parents are always very affectionate, I see why that last item's so important to a married couple; many marriages FAIL because there is a LACK of this.

Enough said.
Wedding's over since yesterday. But that won't stop me from describing the high points of the event...^_^;;

The bride's house happened to be close to a fishing village.

It was quite relaxing to walk over to that village, after a considerable stuffing (burp!).

And if anyone says that checkers is a game that SHOULD be played on an 8 X 8 checkerboard, the fishermen there would tell you otherwise; in their case, it's a 16 X 16 board.

And judging from the waves back then, they had good reason to play on a large board; the sea's waves were large, and the weather was cloudy, signs of an impending storm. Only an insane fisherman would go FISHING in that weather.

Good move there, men!

As for today's run, I ended up stuffing myself again, but I doubt I can keep that BLACK HOLE I call my stomach empty enough for long.

Two things:

1. Earlier that afternoon, one of our relatives in Sungai Pattani visited us, and brought us a copy of our family's medical history, which, incidentally, happened to be a sort of family tree.

I hope she sends me the link to the place, for I'd like to know more about my extended family.

2. Later on, I joined my parents as we visited two other relatives. Hala (Auntie) Om Bee, and Hala Ain.

Hala Om Bee had held a kenduri arwah, or "feast to honour the departed" today, and we arrived at the perfect time - after the prayers for the departed were over, but before the food was finished.

Not to say that I don't honour the dead, but I CAN'T stand sitting down, cross-legged, for long periods of time. So you can tell that I was quite relieved that our timing was JUST right.

And FYI, Hala Om Bee ALSO makes good nasi dalca, a.k.a. "dalca rice", complete with the standard issue of Penangite side dishes.

Needless to say, I was HOOKED. Penang food has something you just CAN'T seem to find in Selangor...and personally, Penang has a certain attraction.

It seems to have a certain charm that's hard to explain. Could be because even though I was born in the state of Selangor, my hometown will always be Penang.

Coming back today, but I'll be headed for Genting Highlands on Friday. If I'm lucky, I'll be blogging from there. It'll be a bit freezing down there, but it's for a good cause.