Monday, January 20, 2003

Rockman Zero.

Enough for me. Sort of.

Another person I know has a crush on Roronoa Zoro, from One Piece. Me? I'm a Rockman X fan / wannabe.

Or maybe not. Since Zero came into the picture. Now, all I need are a few good images, and I'm all set.

Might even consider other things as well.

49-1-169-25-361 256-324-225-49-324-1-169-169-81-196-49, perhaps.

(Note: The embolded discourse above is currently written under GameFAQs influence, so if you're a member, you'll know what I'm up to. Otherwise, good luck with the guesswork!)

Mental note: Need to increase my knowledge of encrypting / decrypting. I owe Booya a bit for it.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

On Thursday, Jan 16th 2003, Saviour-V's connection was restored!

Back in action / reincarnated from the dead.....although I know not how long.

Took me a long time to figure out the access number, though.

Anyway, back to finding items for the SE resit....^_^;;

Monday, January 13, 2003

And for those of you out there, allow me to explain what Fate's Scythe is.

Its insignia is a 3-horned skull with an angel's halo above it, and angelic wings on its left and right sides. Below the skull are a pair of scythes, crossed like crossbones on a pirate's flag, curved sides inward.

The symbolism of all this is that for all the efforts a human does in this life, Death will surely follow (the crossed scythes). However, even before he dies (and even after), his actions may either lead him to salvation (the angel's halo) or destruction (the horned skull).

Fate is in essence, unavoidable. But no one knows the Final Judgement, not even me.

Apart from indicating Death, the twin scythes also indicate unfortunate incidents, things attributed to bad luck or misfortune, if you will. And the angelic wings normally indicate good luck or incidents that actually go right.

Every person on this Earth has a fair chance of witnessing this insignia in one form or another. But how they interpret it is a question.

Previously, I thought of Fate's Scythe as something that would eliminate me, or my closest family members and friends, if I failed to be careful about what I did in the world.

That's why I usually apologized to other people, even for incidents not necessarily my fault, because I feared that the Scythe would strike against my life and ruin it altogether.

That's why I wanted to sacrifice my own life, so that others would survive.

That's also why I hoped to protect as many people I could, for I knew (or at least THOUGHT I knew) that it would strike them first before turning its focus on ME.

I know better now. Fate's Scythe has as much chance of hitting anyone as much as it can hit me, but even for what I do, there is always some forgiveness.

I know now that I cannot protect everyone; if I were the only one destroyed, the Earth would overflow with people before long.

I know now that I must be more patient, for I now know that unless I obtain enough wisdom from the Creator, my knowledge is meaningless. A time will come for me to disseminate my knowledge, but now ISN'T the time yet.

I will continue to leave some of my findings about what this world has for us, but bear in mind that I cannot be summoned to assist you fully. A Saviour must know himself before he can help others to live their lives properly.

I know that it is my duty. Comrades, I thank you for your advice.
Well, shortly after a minor exchange with a comrade from long ago, albeit a young one, plus my father's advice afterward, I must say that a few things are going to happen.

A bit of history though....after my sister passed away, my life ended up on an express trip to Melancholia; a place were hopes and dreams go to die. That is where I found out a mere fraction about Fate's Scythe. Yet, it changed my life, for the worst!

It was difficult to focus on life thereafter, having felt that Fate's Scythe would always pursue me, no matter where I went. Around then, I believed that if I helped out people a lot, in any way possible, I could keep Fate's Scythe off my head, and away from my family and closest friends.

For something more or less imaginary (yes, the Scythe DOES exist, but it's job is different than what I'd usually know it for), I believed in its influence for a very long time.

That feeling came from a severe amount of loneliness, which is tough for me to adjust to, even now.

But, I must.

Accurately, I WILL get over the feeling of Death that I've gotten accustomed to, and finish off my life in the best way possible.

We are all actors on a stage, manipulated by the Creator himself, but the roles we play are unknown, even to us.

Some of us will have to cope with sacrifices on their behalf; Eisu lost his father, and so did Gen. They both managed to overcome their grief, but I'm still struggling to come to terms with mine.

Personally, I thank the former for mentioning that I possessed "false pride". Perhaps, you were right. Though I myself genuinely don't know how.

If I knew how Fate and God filtered properly into our lives, I would have a much better picture on Life than I already do.

And this is what I intend to accomplish. To this end, I will continue to research and obtain knowledge and wisdom about the Earth and humanity, and of God, for He is the One Who Owns All Knowledge.

If anyone asks for my advice, I will give it to them, but only if they genuinely need it. I do NOT intend to let my emotions get in the way again.

In addition, to Eisu, Aimo, and Zid, I'm deliberately going to forget about the 3 of you. But don't get me wrong.

Because, the first time, I foolishly believed that I was your equal, your friend, even, but I was proven wrong. That indicates that I'm not worthy of holding an audience with experts just yet, for I lack enough wisdom to be one myself.

Therefore, I will forget about your comments against me, and any memories (good or bad) that have occurred before, and the next time I see any of you, it will be as if we first met. No bias against each other, a clean slate, if you prefer.

I hope that God grants me this, and that you all will forget about me, until He calls for us to properly sit down and exchange pleasantries on a proper level. I genuinely wish that we could've been friends, but for now, we part as mere acquaintances. You all don't know me much, and neither do I know much about you all.

Therefore, I leave it to His Judgement to decide whether we will meet a second time. I look forward to that day.

On that day, we will discuss some affairs that actually relate to us overall.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Visited Mudster today. Picked up my Jaffa Cakes from him.

Also picked up a stash of chocolate rice (6 boxes X 12 packets each!) from my uncle's house in the relative area.

Back home, Mum really enjoyed the Jaffa Cakes, and so did I, but it was tough reliving old memories.....from a time long gone, and past.

Aimo still has my blood on her sleeve, and I doubt forgiveness will come easy from her. And to think that all it took was a well-intended comment (or several) to put her nerves on edge, and Fate's Scythe on my neck, and my family's necks as well.

If it weren't for my exam resit this 20th, I'd have come round to the Comic Fiesta Aftershock this 17th - 19th of January to apologize in person.

Things are not going to be easy from here on out....Death will surely come for me this time.

It nearly came for one of my relatives yesterday.....her weak heart's been giving her trouble, aggravated by Fate's Scythe.

And it will surely come for me as well, for I owe a person a debt in poisoned blood, and unless I pay off the debt, my life will be forfeit.

To those whom I offended, previously, happen to read this, take heed that this is an apology with Fate's Scythe as a surety.

You have my permission to eliminate me fully, if I offend you again.

Fate, I'm consigning my life to you.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

This year's started off with a bang.

Not to mention several false starts, and some major accidents.

On the foreign front, you've got 2 parties that are thinking of wiping each other out. Round here, there are some people who just can't stand me.

Tough job keeping the balance between the two without taking injuries either way.

And I wonder why I took up this job in the first place.

Friday, January 03, 2003

And speaking of washouts....

Looks like this blog's one such item...^_^;;

I doubt that the first two people mentioned would ever come round here. Busy, as they are.

And I also doubt that anyone else is interested in this blog. But, I'm not giving up.

There may be those who are willing enough to listen to the scrap of truth hidden in the ramblings of this old hermit....^_^;;

Ahh, well.

Anyway, some of you might be wondering why I brought up the Athena issue. Fact is, I've played the very first game: an action-adventure game, to be exact. Old enough, I might add. Circa 1980-something. Athena's come a long way since then.

And adding to my talent pool, is a certain Rina, from There's something in her drawings that reminds me of something from a long time ago...can't say it just yet.

Every one of us has gained a year, but are we really wiser for it? I doubt that.

There is still much to be done.
2002....the year that was....

...A MEDIUM-SIZED WASHOUT, to put it plainly. Here's a quick rundown:

Took shrapnel from a few people on the 'Net, including Aimo and Zid. OK, so I tend to ramble too much (in Zid's case) or overdo my generosity (in the Aimo fiasco...say, that rhymes...@_@), but I sincerely hope that we can all get along with each other without tearing each other to pieces over a misplaced comment or two. Truce? Hope you'll agree, comrades.

Genetic Modification seems to have a lot of issues behind it....this URL contains a lot of details (although it's not involved with the Ring in any way. Happy now, Zid?).

What worries me is that the Monsanto Corporation was ALSO involved in Malaysia a long time ago. God knows what kind of toxins must've ended up in our bloodstreams by now.

There's also talk of war; at this very moment, both the United States Of Amerika (deliberate mispelling, due to contempt) and Iraq (who's also not worth respecting, either) are poised for a nasty fight.


Haven't they learnt anything? The annals of history clearly show that when the blood of a nation / religion begins to run freely, all others will surely follow! The Holocaust and World War II (complete with Hiroshima's destruction) are just a few examples of what happens when this rule is flouted.

Yet, ceases to learn from the past. Hence why we're all paying for this whole mess with our lives.

Three items mentioned already? Let's see....

Very nearly got involved in an accident (as the previous blog entry clearly stated) this year. Still alive. Much to the chagrin of some who'd prefer me dead. Rest assured, my death will time.

Just one more thing. My sister, Siti Aisyah, passed away at 3:00 p.m., May 6th, 2002. I wept for her, as I continue to weep for those who were killed in the World Trade Centre Incident (11th Sept 2001) and to the Palestinians who were forced out of their homes, some killed, even.

I grieve that we have become less tolerant of people. Our morals have suffered to a certain degree. Are we really, truly, worthy of being humans on this Earth, if all we think about is hurting each other?

Right, that's 5 items.

Now for the good news.

My patience has not yet disappeared from my heart, throughout 2002.

My sanity is relatively intact, although my mind says otherwise...(yes, Zid, I'm rambling again...^_^;;)

My endurance has still served me well, and I thank God that it has. Gen can attest to that. ^_~

Thanks to a DIE-T I'm on, I've lost some weight. With luck, I should reach 80 or 70 kgs, sooner or later.

Now the only thing is technology. There's been a surplus of new technologies in the world today, especially in tissue regeneration and replication of semiconductor materials. Popular Science has most of that info.

The only thing left is to strengthen myself to face this new year, and my life thereafter, in the best way I can.

I've a long way before I can claim that coveted rank I've been lusting for all this time. It's up to me to make the best of it.

Saviour-V opens a door right behind him, which leads into a room with lots of food, and a few good consoles to boot!

Happy (Belated) New Year. Hope that things progress well enough for you, no matter where you are.