Monday, January 13, 2003

And for those of you out there, allow me to explain what Fate's Scythe is.

Its insignia is a 3-horned skull with an angel's halo above it, and angelic wings on its left and right sides. Below the skull are a pair of scythes, crossed like crossbones on a pirate's flag, curved sides inward.

The symbolism of all this is that for all the efforts a human does in this life, Death will surely follow (the crossed scythes). However, even before he dies (and even after), his actions may either lead him to salvation (the angel's halo) or destruction (the horned skull).

Fate is in essence, unavoidable. But no one knows the Final Judgement, not even me.

Apart from indicating Death, the twin scythes also indicate unfortunate incidents, things attributed to bad luck or misfortune, if you will. And the angelic wings normally indicate good luck or incidents that actually go right.

Every person on this Earth has a fair chance of witnessing this insignia in one form or another. But how they interpret it is a question.

Previously, I thought of Fate's Scythe as something that would eliminate me, or my closest family members and friends, if I failed to be careful about what I did in the world.

That's why I usually apologized to other people, even for incidents not necessarily my fault, because I feared that the Scythe would strike against my life and ruin it altogether.

That's why I wanted to sacrifice my own life, so that others would survive.

That's also why I hoped to protect as many people I could, for I knew (or at least THOUGHT I knew) that it would strike them first before turning its focus on ME.

I know better now. Fate's Scythe has as much chance of hitting anyone as much as it can hit me, but even for what I do, there is always some forgiveness.

I know now that I cannot protect everyone; if I were the only one destroyed, the Earth would overflow with people before long.

I know now that I must be more patient, for I now know that unless I obtain enough wisdom from the Creator, my knowledge is meaningless. A time will come for me to disseminate my knowledge, but now ISN'T the time yet.

I will continue to leave some of my findings about what this world has for us, but bear in mind that I cannot be summoned to assist you fully. A Saviour must know himself before he can help others to live their lives properly.

I know that it is my duty. Comrades, I thank you for your advice.

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