Friday, March 21, 2003's begun.

Two days ago, Bush issued Saddam Hussein an ultimatum: leave Iraq, or FIGHT!

Undoubtedly, Saddam refused.

The deadline ended at around 9:00 a.m. Malaysian time (4:00 a.m. Baghdad time). An hour and a half later, around 10:30 a.m. (5:30 a.m. in Baghdad), the attack began.

Now, all we can do is wait. I'll follow up to this update later on....I need to collect my thoughts on this.

Monday, March 10, 2003

GemWing takes over Saviour-V's consciousness...

Lately, Saviour-V's been undergoing a bit of stress. Money issues, apparently.

Good thing that he's got something planned....although he needs to refine his plan to a certain degree.

GemWing leaves Saviour-V's consciousness..

It's moderately tough thinking for oneself, much less for two, or more, at times.

Anyway, I ended up in Penang a few days back. Distant cousin got married.

Left on Friday night (7-3-2003), and got back home on Sunday night. Here's a run-through:

21:00 Friday night - 01:00 Saturday morning:

Barely managed to sleep throughout the trip.

Father's driving nearly drove me mad. A few near-misses, but thankfully, no casualties.

I hope I manage to stay awake if I EVER have to drive anywhere in the dead of night myself.

We finally arrived at an uncle's house (hereafter referred to as Uncle S) in Penang, but I hardly slept well enough; I think my nerves were still frazzled then.

08:00 Saturday morning:

Having rested sufficiently (or NOT, in my case), our uncle led us to another uncle's restaurant.

Pure Penangite buffet. Excellent bread and chicken curry, if I say so myself.

11:00 Saturday morning - 01:15 Sunday morning:

We checked into the Agora Hotel, which was moderately close to Penang's Komtar and Prangin Mall shopping complexes.

Ironically, this same hotel was directly in front of our previous haunt from last year - the Midtowne Hotel.

Not too bad, but the place was QUITE old. But sometimes, age can be a good thing.

Around mid-day, my parents left to attend someone's funeral, leaving me in charge of my two youngest brothers. Plus a sizable sum of money (RM 50 - around 13 USD, but who's complaining? ^_^;;) as well, some of which ended up in Prangin Mall's arcades.

Met a girl round there, and gave her a bit of help with L.A. Machineguns. Quite satisfying, since I'm usually on my own in most arcades. Shidah, if, by some stroke of fortune, you're reading this, thanks.

Returned back to the hotel at 15:00, just to drop off the kids, then went to a few nearby cybercafes. Finally found out that Kotaro Makaritooru is OUT, so here's the place: MangaDownloads.

You've got until Wednesday. (CURRENT UPDATE: you DON'T have much time left...this blog entry's old)

For Malaysian readers of this series (known as "Pakar Judo" there), leave a nicely worded comment in my comment-box or Tag-Board, and I might tell you about what got censored in our copies. Or just pick 'em up and appreciate.

Sometime around 19:00, we went out for dinner, and I must admit that NOTHING ever comes close to Penang-style cooking. Even Penang-style burgers are different.

Take it from someone who had 2 such burgers in that very same night...^_^;; Masala Steaks are hard to find in Selangor, but easy to find along the Penang Esplanade. They're great!

After stuffing ourselves, we took a short walk. Mum gave us a minor history lesson, mentioning her favourite haunts when she was younger...quite informative, I might add.

By 23:00 we returned to our room. I left for the cybercafes again. Got back around 1 in the morning, and slept like a log.

10:00 Sunday morning - 23:00 Sunday night:

Went for breakfast, and Prangin Mall as well. Picked up a few good books there.

Around 12:00, we checked out of our hotel, and drove to our cousin's wedding banquet, which, to our surprise, took place in a wet market! Now, I do believe that you're shocked to hear about that, but let me explain.

The wet market merely occupied the ground floor of a 3-storey community hall, while the banquet took place on the 1st floor above it, fortunately.

We would've left sooner, but several relatives noticed our parents, and a long conversation took place.

We finally left the place at 16:30 and made our way back to Uncle S's place. Stayed for a few hours, then left for home at 19:45.

Got back at 23:00.

Overall, not a bad experience. Hope that we can visit Penang again, later on, this year.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

A quick recap of last week:


Went to APIIT (KL branch) to clarify a few issues. Picked up the Japanese version of Zone Of The Enders 2 (ANUBIS: ZOE) for a mere RM $5.00. Less than 2 USD, in case you're wondering.

Also spent some time in the arcades in the relative area. No KOF 2002 Athena players at all. The usual disappointments (i.e: people ending up losing their first team members to Omega usual.) since 1998.


Finally got to test ANUBIS: ZOE on my friend's PS2. He was kind enough to come round and visit us, even though he preferred translated games to Japanese ones. Trouble was, my younger brother got in more game time than I did.

Me? I got into a few issues with my parents that day....ended up doing quite a bit of kitchen work...>_<


My friend, TYK, invited us over to his place for a 2nd crack at his PS2.

Great moments there included:

1. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.
Snake Tale B: Big Shell Evil.

a. At one point, figuring out a possible "safe spot" to kill as many soldiers as possible, when in truth, Solid Snake was supposed to ESCAPE with Emma in tow. You can guess that the fun faded once the ammo ran out....^_^;;

b. Sending a few Stinger missiles into the Harrier when it tried to roast Snake with the steam from its nozzles. 3 missiles, and it broke into Tomahawk Mode....

c. Yelling "Tomahawk!!" like a crazed madman the very minute the missiles started coming...and dying after the burns were too much.

Later, we found a Ration, and took down the Harrier with extreme prejudice, thus finishing that Snake Tale.

Not-so-good moments:

1. ANUBIS: Zone Of The Enders (Zone Of The Enders: The Second Runner - Japanese version).
Versus Mode.

a. Not being able to beat TYK again.

In all of my Jehuty VS Jehuty matches against him, he emerged the victor, 5-0.

Although I very nearly changed that to 3-2, he recovered very quickly just before I managed to land the final hit against him, on both occasions.Quite humiliating.

Not much difference from last time. That guy can be a real Jehuty FIEND at times. Ever since the first ZOE, too.

Ahh, but there's always next time....^_^;;