Friday, July 25, 2003

Life seems to be improving lately.

Could be my new business, or the fact that I've started forgetting more.


Looked up a few blogs:

1. Eisu's.
2. Aimo's.
3. Kotak's.

....and I must say that life's going pretty smooth for 'em.

Won't be talking to them just yet. Need to get a few things up first.

Question for a few people (taken from Bruce Almighty, not out yet in Malaysia, but....):

If you were God, what would you do? How can you handle the most greatest responsibility in the universe?

OK, that's TWO questions. Not that it matters much.

Any answers?

Monday, July 07, 2003

Looks like Blogger's been busy, lately.

Nice new interface.

That aside, I've just returned from a business convention in Johor Bahru, close enough to the Causeway leading to Singapore.

Picked up quite a lot of information regarding my new business.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I've joined a new line of work. Instead of working for others, I'm working for myself.

And believe me, nothing beats making your own money. Still have a lot to learn though....^_^;;

For any Hira'kians that have just arrived, Assalamualaikum to ya, and welcome to my humble abode.

One thing I've learnt over the past 2 days is that we've all got potential to change ourselves, and the lives of others. If you're either DEAD or unwilling to help other people change for the better, things might just get worse.

Yesterday, one of the speakers at that talk brought out a DVD called "A Beautiful Life". He then told us a bit about what that movie was about.

The movie starts out with a view of Heaven and 3 guardian angels looking at the Earth. One says to the other, "You'd best get down there; someone needs your help a lot!"

So while this one angel flies down to Earth to help this person, a flashback of that person's life is shown in Heaven. This guy did a few good things in his lifetime:

1. During winter, his brother fell into a pond when the ice on its surface broke. Had he not been there, his brother would've died.

2. This guy's dad made homes for families with low funds. Unfortunately, he died, leaving that business in his son's hands. Along with debts, too. Plus a major threat: a greedy business tycoon who wanted to flatten those houses to make way for a shopping mall!

3. He found the love of his life, and married her.

4. He owned a pub, and frequently invited his friends over.

Flashback ends, and we now return to our earlier guardian angel, who appears just before that very person attempts to kill himself by throwing himself off a bridge. Luckily, the angel manages to save him just in time!

So once this guy is safely on firm ground, the angel asks him the reason why he wanted to kill himself. The guy replies, "My life's lost its meaning. I can't go on anymore; I'm better off dead."

The angel grants his wish. Of course, the guy's still alive, but in the eyes of others, he's DEAD. Then, the angel shows him the results of his death:

1. Because he wasn't there, his brother died, and was mourned immensely by his family.

2. The low-cost houses were never built. Instead, there was nothing but cleared land, to make way for that shopping mall.

3. The love of his life never found her love, and ended working in a library until she became a very old and frail spinster. Also, a man-hater. In fact, when that "dead" guy shows up, she says, "I don't know you! Leave me alone!" as she runs away from him.

4. The pub now belonged to the greedy business tycoon.

Now, in case you had trouble understanding the above, there are some lessons to be learnt here:

1. It is tough to DIE, but it is even tougher to LIVE!

2. If you FAIL to make the lives of others better, everyone suffers!

So keep those lessons in mind, and keep an eye out for my next update.