Monday, November 25, 2002

We interrupt this program to bring you a Public Service Announcement:

Have you cleaned up your computer's insides, lately?

Yes, Virginia, that was THE reason why my Athlon 550 sounded like it was going to die in 6 hours. Turned out that the internal cooling fans were overclogged with dust and grime. Yours truly had an infinitely heraculean task to fulfill.

Never has 2 years of dust measured so much on a piece of technology....^_^;;

The Comic Fiesta's coming up soon, but I might not make it, due to a little trip I might be on. Melaka seems like a good place to be this time of year...^_^;;

And progress with the ClinicBase application (as mentioned in my last entry) has been restricted to mere EYE-CANDY.


Monday, November 18, 2002

Exams are over, but I need some help.

Anyone good at Java and JDBC? I need to construct a clinical management system for my Dad.

Hand me a few JDBC code snippets, if you can. I'd appreciate it.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Drat. Things just got worse. Just checked out one particular site...

Popular Science has an article concerning the reverse engineering of underground bunker-busting bombs.

Apparently, the Bush Administration is looking at a possibility of upgrading its B61-11 nuclear bunker-busting missiles' earth-penetrating ability.

Should this resolution be passed by the US Government overall (especially by the Senate), we'll be looking at a dark age of ruin before long.

Check out the full article, and draw your own conclusions. Anyone want to bring the idea down before it becomes a dark reality?

I really have a bad feeling about this whole thing.
A word to the rare visitors of this blog:

Although I don't update as frequently as I should, do remember that I've got a few issues to take care of.

Especially exams, the last of which is this 14th. I've got to study hard for it, as you might assume.

Of course, come round and feel free to bombard my comment-space and Tag-Board; if you're lucky, I might just happen to be there, and I'll answer any questions / requests you have.

And now....for the rest of this blog entry.

Jace Barret has been kind enough to let me install a game or two from him...and considering that my gaming skills have seen a NASTY drop recently, it came as a welcome addition. The guy's thinking about establishing a webcomic, in a non-similar fashion to our comrades at MegaTokyo.

In other news, I've been to a seminar on C#, entitled "Unleash The Power Of C#", organized by the Damansara Heights branch of APIIT. Relatively interesting....especially since the .NET framework makes portability issues (e.g. migrating from Java to C#) a bit easier on the mind.

Plus some more interesting news. The Nov 2002 issue of Popular Science highlighted two major things:

1. The revival of the scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) technology. With luck, if most issues are resolved (especially heat, combustion, and pressure issues), we'll see planes and missiles cruising through the air at Mach 8....roughly 5000 MPH (haven't converted this to KMPH yet!). And this technology is not really new; research occurred around 1961, plus after the Challenger space shuttle accident. However, this tech was scrapped several times due to monetary and political issues in the past, so hopefully, things should change now.

2. The honouring of 10 scientists, whose work is as of now, relatively unknown to the Nobel Prize committee. One of them has found a way to synthesize electrical component materials (semiconductors, for example).....using viruses to create the materials. Another has found a way to synthesize human tissue. By combining these two methods, it may be possible to create an automatic healing mechanism of sorts. Although I'm not sure how.

Review these links, for they might be useful.

Now, I'd better get back to my books.

Hang on, forgot to wish all Muslims around the world "Eid-ul-Mubarak" (Have a blessed Eid!). The fasting month is quite trying, notably in some places I know.

Ganbatte kudasai! (Hang in there!)