Monday, November 25, 2002

We interrupt this program to bring you a Public Service Announcement:

Have you cleaned up your computer's insides, lately?

Yes, Virginia, that was THE reason why my Athlon 550 sounded like it was going to die in 6 hours. Turned out that the internal cooling fans were overclogged with dust and grime. Yours truly had an infinitely heraculean task to fulfill.

Never has 2 years of dust measured so much on a piece of technology....^_^;;

The Comic Fiesta's coming up soon, but I might not make it, due to a little trip I might be on. Melaka seems like a good place to be this time of year...^_^;;

And progress with the ClinicBase application (as mentioned in my last entry) has been restricted to mere EYE-CANDY.


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