Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Saviour-V teleports in...

10 days in training. Brain's fried to an almost golden crisp...^_^;;

Yesterday, something kind of broke the usual lifeless look. It's something to do with rivers again...^_^;;

Yes, the Klang River. Site of where I wrote one of my best entries, "Of Fish and Fishermen". Also, a particularly dirty river, unfortunately...>_<

Anyway, since my training began at Vsource Asia / FedEx, I've gotten used to taking the LRT train to the Asia Jaya station and waiting for the bus there, instead of heading to the Central Market bus station like I used to.

Yesterday, however, was when I took up my older route. When I got off the train, I noticed a large crowd looking at the river, or more notably, at a bridge spanning the river. When I asked a few bystanders, they told me that a few drug addicts had dived into the murky waters to escape the police.

Sure enough, there they were. 2 of them, hiding underneath the bridge, refusing the police's calls for them to surrender. After a few minutes, a rowboat carrying a few rescue operatives from the local fire department showed up, and that's when they let go.

The first got caught a few meters away from the bridge, right after an oarsman smacked the surface of the river to stun him. It was rather amusing to see that poor guy, clad only in a black pair of underpants, get hoisted into the boat by the rescuers.

The second one, however, swam QUITE a distance. In fact, he managed to swim right past the LRT station, and that's about a few hundred metres or so. Unless I'm exaggerating, but still, as they say, "You can run, but you can't hide!"

Yes, that guy was caught, eventually.

Now, for a few observations:

1. The general public was quite unsupportive of the police; in fact, some were even shouting, "LARI! LARI!" ("RUN! RUN!") to encourage that 2nd addict to keep on swimming. And that's precisely what happened.

2. It was also disheartening to note that the addicts were Malay, as usual. It's a pity, really. That swimming talent could've been put to better use.

Which brings me to the heart of this post. Ever wonder why? Truth is, we don't really care about others much; when we see our fellow man commit a crime, we're all gung-ho about putting him behind bars, "taking him to justice," so to speak.

Worse still, we tend to put stigmas / labels on former criminals / "wierdos" / "oddballs" and the like. I mean, they've done their time, so why not forgive them and give them a second chance to be useful to society?

And, I'm mindful that our local police aren't exactly perfect; there's been word of a few cases that were badly handled by them, notably when it came to a drug raid on a cybercafe.

The patrons there had nary a single drug in their possessions, and it was quite insulting when some of their operatives peeked on the patrons as they passed urine. "Part of a drug test," they said.

Riiiight. Perverse glory, looking at a few girls peeing in that situation is more the case. As low as I can get, I know better than THAT!

It makes you wonder as to what is going on with our society. Seems like the criminals are not only our worst concern; even the police and government officials are just as bad!

Times like these demand a reform. A chance for the people to air their grievances and actually get some answers and responses for once. Jeff Ooi's blog, Screenshots... happens to be buzzing with info off late, so you can visit him, and discuss these things further.

Let's hope that things can be straightened out.

Saviour-V teleports out...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Saviour-V teleports in...

To err is human, to forgive, divine.

Yesterday's post wasn't really the best of me. Trainer #2 came round again, and THIS time I understood that I needed to laugh a bit more.

He may be a bit blunt, but at least I learnt a lot from him. And...I guess I can be hard to put up with at points. Especially with the way I talk and act....^_^;;

And it's true that the longer you stick to something, the easier it gets. The cramming pains in my head have lessened somewhat; I think I'm getting the hang of this. A good sign, and believe me, it's one I could surely use.

Saviour-V teleports out...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Saviour-V teleports in...

Now that I've recovered sufficiently enough from yesterday's events, let me explain how Day #3 of my Vsource training went. Simply put, it was like cram school, only more so.

And it didn't really help that the first trainer's pace throughout the whole thing was equivalent to cruel and unusual punishment. In my humble opinion, I would've preferred to skim through the manual, and ask questions on anything I don't understand.

NOT wait for the trainer to read out everything and burden us with confusion. Sure, there's lots of acronyms, but I would've preferred to just read the manual and follow through from there.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm with Vsource's FedEx division: Customer Service detail. Haven't officially begun work, since I'm still training, but I'm getting there in my own way.

Most people down here don't really worry much about the usual formal wear, save me. Believe me, I've got my own personal reasons for it...^_^;;

Anyway, towards the end of the training, Trainer #2 took over. Now, his was more an interrogation / punishment detail. We narrowly avoided ending up in class for 30 minutes longer, had it not been for someone's quick remembrance of FedEx's toll-free number.

I know that speed is the key, but we need to get our own rhythm sorted out a little bit first. Having someone else dictate the rhythm so early in the beginning hurts a bit.

To be fair, there's a part of me that respects Trainer #2's enthusiasm, and another part of me that would prefer said trainer to be impaled on a stick and paraded throughout the country...worse case scenario, that is.

Not that the latter case would happen. Thank goodness GemWing's been helping with that emotional seal I've got. Who knows what might happen if I ever lose it? ^_^;;

Saviour-V teleports out...
Saviour-V teleports in...

A few things of note today. Here they are, according to their level of importance:

1. Pope John Paul II has returned to the Creator, regardless of where he may end up in His judgement. However, as much as I'd hate to admit it, I feel a pang of sadness for his passing.

Now, for any Muslims here, I've not gone soft in the head, but I'm just reflecting. The guy managed to repulse communism from rearing its ugly head in his homeland of Poland, and when he rose to Pope-hood, his sole mission in life was to ensure that peace and justice would reign supreme in the hearts of the people, and yet, we were, and STILL ARE blind to the reality that war destroys and hurts mankind to no end.

Yes, we are a pitiful lot; just look at Palestine, Israel, Iran, Iraq, and the USA....all of which have their fair share of wars both internal and external. When will this stupidity end?

Having lived part of his life through the Jewish Holocaust, he knew more than any of us young ones, that war and hatred could only bring nothing more than suffering to all of us, hence his mission to right the wrongs caused by many a bloodied page in our history.

Even on his deathbed, his words were for us children. Against him, I'm nothing more than a child, and one of the rare few still fighting to fulfill his global mission of peace, justice, and truth. Regardless of religion, caste, or even creed.

His death will surely be missed.

Pope John Paul II, your steely resolve showed even in your frailty. May your passing inspire us to continue our collective mission in this world. And that we ourselves will be able to prevent history from being soiled by the hands of war-mongerers and the like.

2. Day #3 of my work at Vsource Asia. Took quite a cramming....hope I'll be up and running tomorrow. I'll expand this entry as it goes...^_^;;

Anyway, good night, comrades!

Saviour-V teleports out...