Wednesday, April 02, 2003

There's been a lot of sabotage work going on, and I suspect that the US government has something to say about that.

First off, the Al-Jazeera news was hacked a week ago by a group of hackers calling themselves the "Freedom Cyber Force Militia".

A rather lame name to begin with, plus the effort managed to deny lots of people access to groundbreaking news in Iraq.

Raed's blog was also tampered with, apparently by a disgruntled individual. Instead of eye-witness accounts from an Iraqian blogger's eye, the public was subjected to a faked shot of Bush holding Saddam in a playful headlock.

Hardly worth it, I might add.

And recently, 7 people were gunned down mercilessly at the Iraqian border checkpoint. By US soldiers, no doubt.

Innocent women and children....SLAIN!

Damn those two idiots! They're only generating hatred against themselves...when will they EVER learn?

I believe we should teach those two a lesson. If anyone wants to know more about my plans, you may find me at GameFAQs, at the Asian boards.

GL,GS. (Good luck, and Godspeed.)