Monday, September 23, 2002

Phone line's still offline.

That's enough to keep me from downloading the 2 trailers (in Japanese AND English) of Anubis: Zone Of The Enders (a.k.a. Zone Of The Enders: The Second Runner).

And in APIIT (where I'm studying) things are not going too well today....can't seem to download both properly. Plus, the movies are quite choppy, possibly due to network constraints.

There are points where life tends to mess up badly, and TODAY is one such example.

If anyone can pick off the vids from Konami's Tokyo Game Show 2002 pages (the Japanese and English ones) I'd be extremely grateful.

On a lighter note, I've picked up a few FAQs from GameFAQs and I think they'll be useful.

Oh, and before I finish, here's the links to Konami's TGS 2002 reports:



Look for the "ZONE OF THE ENDERS" link on either page, and after clicking that, click the link above the one that says "Windows Media Player".

Or right-click to save each trailer to your hard drive; they're about 28.2 MB each. Let me know if you've got them.