Monday, December 01, 2003

A few more details about Saturday...

I NEVER thought that wedding vows were quite tricky to pronounce. My cousin had to repeat his wedding pledge 3 times before he finally got it right.

But then again, I wonder why he offered RM1001 as dowry for the bride.

Shades of "One Thousand and One Nights", perhaps? Could be...^_^;;

The Kadi, a.k.a. the Islamic Justice Of The Peace, mentioned three important things to the newly-wedded couple:

1. One must keep his house filled with knowledge, i.e. teach his whole family well in terms of wisdom.

2. One must keep praying, to ensure that the marriage is continuously blessed by Allah.

3. One must ALSO keep his wife entertained, i.e. a smile to his wife when he gets up, a kiss or hug every now and so often, and of course, foreplay to bring out the best in the two of them...^_^;;

That LAST item had me blushing. But then again, when you fail to ignite the romance in a relationship, it's as good as a DEAD one.

Considering that my parents are always very affectionate, I see why that last item's so important to a married couple; many marriages FAIL because there is a LACK of this.

Enough said.

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