Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saviour-V teleports into his Sanctuary once more, after a long period of absence...

OK, so I hedged out. But that's because I've been busy making money from various places. Among these is a place called Platinum Lounge.

Like myLot, which is another place I'm with, these guys pay for participating in their forums and contests. Although myLot doesn't have any contests yet.

It's worth noting that PL here pays via PayPal, and that you get paid twice in a month, provided you happen to have a certain rank that is high enough to get paid.

Enter the PL points system. Points can be racked up through participation in PL, and notably through adding new friends who join up and become active participants. The more points you get, the higher the rank you'll be in, and the more you'll get paid per cycle.

Here's my referral URL, in case you're interested:

Having said that, PL was also nominated for the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, presented by If you'd like to vote for Platinum Lounge, I've added a widget below just for that.

Feel free to put a few votes in, to make Platinum Lounge one of the best sites to be.

Saviour-V grins, and teleports out of the Sanctuary...

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