Monday, June 30, 2008

Saviour-V teleports into the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary...

There are certain individuals who have gained notoriety for lying. Surprisingly, such people remain free, and unbound by justice. Such people will eventually be punished, sooner or later.

There are also some people who deliberately lie just to save their own skins, because of something embarrassing. And I am quite ashamed that a few of these were once my friends.

"The truth will set you free," as one popular saying goes. Unfortunately, these individuals chose to disregard that advice. One person chose to lie to ensure that her secret life would never resurface. Another person led on quite a bit, but would provide no rationale for her actions.

And I have known these two for a long time now. In fact, when I was feeling down recently (and with this development, I still do), these same individuals would not come forward and admit their sins.

All that I desire is honesty, but I've been lied to by many people, time and time again. Hence the reason why I'm tempted to let God take my life in order to see if they can still maintain that facade for as long as their lives will allow.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I propose a wager: one with my life on the line. I predict that my life will be ended either by the end of July, or on August 2008. However, as for how my life will end, I leave it to God to decide.

I have some fear of death, but I hope that my death will bring a few people to their senses. I have a number of my own sins, and I'm quite prepared to pay the price for them. I know that direct suicide is wrong, so I leave it to God to judge if I should live or die by that time.

Now, if God chooses to keep me alive after August 31st, 2008, then that would be a sign, hopefully, for those individuals to either apologize, or knock some sense into me.

We'll see. The bet is on, ladies and gentlemen. Place your bets.

Saviour-V teleports out of the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary...

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