Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saviour-V teleports in, and checks out the Internet for a moment, before turning to meet his audience...

Just thought I'd share a little mini-review here. NFP. In other words, not for profit. Although some profit wouldn't be a bad idea, heh.

About a month ago, a German convert by the name of Ludwig Gaisbauer, better known here as Nazrin bin Abdullah, came up with the novel idea of bringing German cuisine to the Muslim masses here in Malaysia. This came, by the way, about 5 years after he came up with his business establishment, GERMAN DELICATESSEN SDN BHD.

Now, that outlet's been churning out plenty of bratwurst - fine chopped meat sausages - as well as a few other interesting German dishes off late. In fact, I discovered the place purely by accident today.

How, you ask?

Saviour-V grins slightly...

Well, I happened to be the invigilator for one examination at work today, and once the examination was over, my gaze fell upon a leaflet on the table, proclaiming "German Deli iMBiSS - Original German Bratwurst". I picked up the leaflet, and turned it round to view the menu, and while the sausages looked rather appetizing, I spotted a handwritten comment: "no pork?"

Thankfully, there was a URL in the leaflet, and I've confirmed that yes, it's halal all right, so it was open season for sossies! Called up a colleague, and by lunchtime, both of us were busy munching on a few choice dishes there.

The first item we both tried was the Reuben Sandwich - my colleague's idea, in fact. This particular version contained beef pastrami and Mr. Ludwig's home-made sauerkraut, in addition to a few choice vegetables. The slightly sour taste of the sauerkraut complemented the taste of the pastrami, giving it a rather mature flavour, and Mad also provided his approval of this sandwich. It's worth RM 9.80, not including 5% tax.

Next up, we each had the set meal - a single sausage served with a choice of 2 side dishes. Mad chose the Spicy Beefi (RM 10.50 before tax), along with Buttered Corn and Sauerkraut, and a mushroom sauce to go with his meal, while I had the Jalapeno Chilli Fire Kracker (RM 9.80 before tax), served with Vegetable Rice and German-Style Mashed Potatoes, and black pepper sauce.

Mad's sausage was more "meaty", according to him, unlike the "average 1901 hotdog," as he so eloquently put it. In fact, the mushroom sauce complemented his meal perfectly. "You could smell and taste the rosemary and other spices in it," he said.

As for me, the Fire Kracker WASN'T as explosive as I thought; while I expected it to be particularly spicy, it came up a little sour, but I figure that my choice of sauce kind of dampened its spiciness a little. I'd honestly say that this particular sausage has a somewhat mature sourness.

Having said my fair share about the food, I must say that the place is well-decorated. More in the fashion of a fast-food outlet, as sausages are, but the colours chosen for the floor tiles and walls are quite inviting. The chairs were comfy, too.

The service was relatively all right. I'd say that at least they took our orders on time, but the cooking time must've taken them a bit. I guess that my only complaint would be the lack of more dishes on the menu.

All in all, the place is quite a nice place to dine in, and it's also good if you want to grab an item and scramble back to the office in a heartbeat. However, if you have gout or anything else that can ruin your enjoyment of their main dishes, you might as well enjoy the strudels they've got, instead.

Out of 10 stars, I'd give the establishment an 8. It's a great place to go, but go easy on the processed meat.

Saviour-V bows, and teleports out...

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