Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Just reviewing the previous two posts. Corrected them a bit.

And looking at the "Yu" Kanji (Chinese character) below, it reminds me of a true hero, strangely enough.

The Kanji for man, otoko, makes up the lower half of this character. That's the part starting from the "crossed window" and ending with the ka that makes up the bottom half.

The upper half reminds me of either a crest or halo, somewhat.

Now, does anyone here speak and write Japanese well enough? Do drop a comment with your knowledge on the whole Kanji, if you can. I'd really appreciate it.

Besides, I still have to learn a LOT of Japanese...^_^;;

Current Music: "Blazing Internet - Fire Man's Stage" (Mega Man: Network Transmission)

See the previous post below for the URL that leads to the MP3 archive where I found this.

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