Sunday, February 08, 2004

Degree's going to begin next morning.

And why, might I ask, are you sticking around in a cybercafe when you should be sleeping, Saviour-V?

Saviour-V wheels round to find that GemWing has just appeared...

Let's just say I needed some time to check out an old haunting place...the city of Sri Petaling, where I ended up 4 years ago. The place has changed, evidently.

And so have you, Saviour-V. Don't undermine yourself by living in the past for too long, OK?

GemWing grins for a moment as she says this, and teleports out in a wink!

Point. There's a lot to do.

Oh, and in case Malaysians (or a few Singaporeans too...^_^;;) want to know what time this entry is, it's at 23:07, February 8th, 2004. On a Sunday night, right after I got back to my apartment. I wonder why I ended up in this old cybercafe, anyway...^_^;;


Saviour-V yawns, and teleports out...

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