Friday, February 27, 2004

OK, gentlemen, if you will now direct your attention to the left-hand side of this blog, you will now see a set of links.

Miss Ayshy is going to get rather angry at me for stealing her code...

Saviour-V grins as he twirls a floppy disk on his right index finger...

...but I have my reasons. In other words, I haven't touched HTML in quite a while, but the nature of the Net allows me to pick off anything I lack. Knowledge is power, and there are many ways of acquiring it...^_^;;

And as you can tell, Blood Phoenixes are a rare lot. Rare in terms of blogging, and rarer still in the information that they may possess. You never know what you might obtain from them. But ask wisely, and your requests may be granted.

Current Music: "Our Blood Boils - VS Sigma 1st" (Rockman X7 Original Soundtrack - Track 18). Blame it on Nitro's pseudo-rock image...^_^;;

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