Friday, February 20, 2004

GemWing teleports in...

Ladies and gentlemen, please excuse Saviour-V for not showing up today.

At this very moment, he's trying to answer a few questions concerning his life, and his true reason for living. For the past few nights, he has been searching for that reason, by going online, but even I know that he may not find it.

He has confided to me that he is worried about losing his sanity, and in the process, me.

I'm worried about him. I hope that he remains intact.

For if he fails to realize that reason, he may not be able to continue life as effectively as he should.

Oh, and to Miss Dhora, although I'm a bit jealous of you and him, do find some time to counsel him. Perhaps that could help him.

GemWing teleports out...

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