Thursday, July 15, 2004

Sometimes, there are some people who tend to misunderstand you without realizing it. And when the sparks fly, you end up taking the critical hits.

And when these things happen, I ask myself, "Is it truly better for me to be alone, instead of finding friends to keep me company?"

But when I think about it, the Pandora's Box entry comes to mind, and I understand, albeit briefly. Experiences are useful, but they only offer a limited amount of insight into something. You have to continously seek out newer experiences, but you don't necessarily need to experience them first-hand.

The words of other people are the experiences that they had when they were still on Earth (or, if they're still alive, their current experiences up to their current point of existance).

To rest on your laurels, i.e. experiences so far, without seeking new ones, will bring you towards gradual mental and physical ruin, a fact I'm aware of, and a fact I'm desperately trying to remind myself of.

I hope that I become more wiser now and over time...^_^;;

Now that I think about it, I admit that I was wrong to assume certain things about some people. Remembering my past blog entries makes me feel like deleting them to cover my shame and embarassment during those times I was infected with foot-in-mouth disease, a.k.a. faux pas for anyone who speaks French.

But then again, I think that it's better for me to leave them be. Just to remind myself that I'm still human, even though there were (and sometimes ARE) times when I wanted to become a GOD.

I'll settle for being a human, but that doesn't mean I'll stop seeking perfection. It's a natural thing for anyone, IMHO. We all want the best for ourselves, right?

GemWing watches from the top of a high cliff, far away from Saviour-V....

How true, Saviour-V.

....and grins momentarily, before she teleports out....

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