Saturday, July 03, 2004

OK, here's post #2.

Ever heard of Pandora's Box? Well, if you haven't, allow me to tell you about the legend.

GemWing teleports in....

Do tell 'em, Saviour-V....I haven't heard that tale in a long time.

GemWing walks towards Saviour-V, and sits down on a levitating disc that she had conveniently summoned earlier...

Anyway, let's continue.

At the beginning of the world, there were no adults. Just kids, playing happily. They neither had our worries, nor our fears. And they thought that life couldn't get any better.

But that changed one day....

Two of the kids, a boy and a girl, were intrigued by a mysterious box, left behind by an even more mysterious stranger a few weeks ago. In fact, mysterious voices were heard from within the box, begging the two kids to open it.

Although the boy repeatedly told the girl not to even consider OPENING the box, temptation got the better of the two of them, and they opened that box!

And they instantly regretted it.

For once that box was opened, many insects flew out of the box, and began to sting them, and all the other children! These insects were no ordinary ones, though; they represented Pain, Anger, Fear, and many other negative emotions that we humans are famous for.

After a long time, those fiends finally flew away, leaving everyone in considerable pain. But it wasn't over yet, oh no! One MORE voice begged the children to open the box once more.

And although they felt reluctant to open it again, having been stung before, they were enlightened enough to open the box a final time.

THIS time, a fairy flew out of the box, and began flying around the injured children, sprinkling healing magic to heal them all. That fairy, by the way, represented many positive emotions, but her greatest association was that of HOPE.

And HOPE is what we have to believe in, regardless of the circumstances.

For every day, we come across many such boxes. These are Pandora's Boxes.

And when we come across them, we have the choice of either opening them, or leaving them alone.

Either choice has risks.

Should one choose to open one such box, that person must be willing to accept the effects resulting from that box being opened. Regardless of whether they may be good or bad, that person will gain experience from understanding the contents of that box.

Should one decide to leave a box alone, that person may become less wiser than if he opened it. If that same person is unwilling to open ANY boxes at all, he will become less human as a result.

And these Pandora's Boxes have existed ever since we came into existance. The decision to make a new friend is worth a box in its own right. Even when a new technology or thought comes round, that box is still there. If you are willing to open that box, you must be willing to take responsibility for it.

So, are you willing to open these boxes?

If you're not willing, then you'll lose out. Both you and I know this, Saviour-V.


Anyway, thanks for the story. Hope everyone here learnt something new.

GemWing gets off her seat, grins at Saviour-V, and teleports out...

I hope so.

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