Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just an observation on humans, in general. There's some information regarding the human body, as far as I can remember.
Something to do with the composition of an average human being. I mean, the stuff that makes up one of us includes about enough glycerine to make a few bars of soap, enough iron to make up a few nails, and some other materials.
When a person dies, all these materials normally return to the ground from which they came. To sustain the next generation that will undoubtly rely on most, if not all, of those things.
Which, in my humble opinion, sometimes makes me question why some people prefer to cremate their dead instead of returning it to the ground. Religious aspects aside, I think that it might be the greatest recycling effort we humans could ever do to preserve our Earth, but I believe that some people may disagree with me.
I mean, there are other ways for us to contribute towards saving the lives of others. Sure, you could contribute your liver or heart to save a kid, or perhaps a kidney or two to save someone else; just make sure that you know the risks of contributing those vital items while you're still alive.
The choice is ultimately yours, of course.

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