Saturday, July 03, 2004

Blog updates a little to slow for ya, comrades? ^_^;;

Sorry, but I've not been able to get online lately. Apparently, some places hate my lap-top's Wi-Fi card. Which explains why I CAN'T seem to log into TM NET's Petronas Hotspot in Section 7, Shah Alam.

So this update's a bit subdued, no thanks to their half-reliable PCs.

Anyhow, last Monday night, my old schoolmates invited me to attend a dinner at a restaurant in Port Klang: Medan Muara Ikan Bakar. And if you understand enough Malay, roast fish is just ONE of the items on their menu.

Of course, if you want the best fish, you'd have to catch it yourself. That explains why one of my friends had scratches from one or two fish bites (or stings) when he finally sat down at the dinner table...^_^;;;

Food was OK. Special recognition goes to the fried squid - although I normally eschew squid, that dish was great - and the roast fish. With a bit of sour sauce to add a bit of flavour to it.

Oh, and don't forget the vegetable soup. Lots of veg. Nice. Of course, I prefer Japanese misochiru soup over that, at any rate.

The only thing that really made this meal LESS than memorable was the fact that it was a STAG affair. That's right, no girls...*sigh*

But it was moderately OK, overall.

Seriously, to any Hira'kians reading this blog....CAN'T WE HAVE AT LEAST 5 GIRLS WITH US DURING OUR TRIPS AND EVENTS?

It's starting to get rather boring, somewhat.

Apart from that, I got a comment from Steven Foong in response to my comment on his article HERE.

Thanks, comrade SteveF (OK, so I flouted my earlier quotes, but forgive me), but I'm not much of a Malaysiakini fan. Still, your words have merit, unlike the words of a not-so-cute doggie. Now, that's more fangs than cuteness, IMHO.

Obviously, that other person missed my comment in your blog,. Moderation. That's the key to success. Besides, that guy should realize that gaming is serious business, nowadays. RM2 billion, if I remember right. In as much as we can speculate on the positive (or negative, as cuteDoggie has done), it's up to us to decide.

I think I'll post up another post in a while. Just a reflection.

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