Friday, November 28, 2003

Currently blogging from rainy Penang. Raya's here, and I'm busy blowing my Raya money on good food and cybercafe stints.

Which, of course, include my blogging stints as well...^_^;;

Can't help but wonder how I've progressed through Life so far; I've seen quite a number of miserable cases before, and given how things are going around the world, I sometimes wonder if anything CAN be done to make things better.

It seems that most of us humans tend to forget that we ARE capable of reaching the stars, preferring instead to remain on the ground, cursing our Fate and God.

A shame and a pity.

Sometimes, I wish that we humans would realize that we all contain seeds of greatness, and that it's up to us to plant them and create a beautiful forest...

But it's NOT too late. My mission here is to make people realize this. And as our numbers gradually increase, we WILL be able to make this Earth peaceful once again.

The road towards that aim will UNDOUBTEDLY be difficult, but I have faith in my friends and comrades.

2-DAYS AFTERWARD, EDIT: Forgot to mention WHY I'm here. A cousin of mine is getting married tomorrow, so I'm busy "preparing" to greet the lucky guy.

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