Wednesday, November 12, 2003

17 days into Ramadhan, 18 nights of Terawih prayers.

Before I begin, a link first:

Gendou's Anime Music Page!

That's where I downloaded the FULL version of "Viva Rock". STILL no sign of the ~Japanese Side~ edition. Also picked up "Call Me Call Me", one of the songs from Cowboy Bebop. One of my favourites.

Ramadhan's about to end much faster than I thought. Looks like I'll have to perform the full 23 rakaats once night #21 comes round, which may be much sooner than I think.

Fish sighted in Kuala Lumpur's side of the Klang River.

And I thought that no fish were there....^_^;;

If you still remember my previous fishy tale, you'd remember that I was in Klang when I spotted those guys fishing.

Today, however, I was waiting for a couple of friends to show up, and I happened to be at the Central Market LRT station. One floor below the train terminal, and one floor above ground.

Got a clear view of the Klang River from there. And while I was still wondering when my friends would show up, a fish showed up!

A red snapper. AGAIN. I never really expected that at all.

Kuala Lumpur's side of the Klang river happens to be moderately clean, if you consider the occasional debris nothing more than a mere annoyance. It smells of the sea, strangely enough.

That brackish smell I know all too well, from times long past.

If you happen to come round there, take a sniff!

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