Monday, September 22, 2003

Wedding's over. Long since.

Nothing can contain my intense envy of those two lovebirds.

I mean, those two looked as if they were MEANT to be together from the start.

And there's one hermit here who wonders more about the future, and its secrets...

Exhibit A. ME.


I promised that I'd mention my rationale for the afore-mentioned pic I grabbed previously.

Luna's the Mana Spirit of Moonlight. Her counterpart is the Mana Spirit of Nature, Dryad.

Of course, I thought that Luna conveys a more accurate message on her own, IMHO.

A bit subtle, I might add.

Because light cannot exist without darkness, and vice versa.

OK, so I'm not really explaining my full rationale behind that pic, but since I haven't seen a single comment in my YACCS and Enetation comment-boxes, should I even bother?

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