Thursday, September 11, 2003

Looks like a few people have come round....a certain Miss Apple being one of them.

Blogger seems to have undergone changes AGAIN. Can't seem to find the Hyperlink icon to mark her name with.

Either that, or Blogger has ZERO support for Macintoshes.

Anyway, my recruitment drive on GameFAQs has been going smoothly, but i still believe that time may not be on our side.

India's people have protested Ariel Sharon's visit to their country, but it seems that the START2 treaty will be violated again, if that female-named-creep gets his way.

We cannot allow this to happen. David Duke once mentioned that Israel's MOSSAD operatives (and possibly Israel's top brass) have been involved in many crimes that have yet to be dealt with, and i believe that apart from them, there may be other puppeteers waiting in the shadows.

Waiting to make marionettes out of the Earth's people, by any means possible.

Thus, as people who are still sound of mind, we MUST acquire as much knowledge and technology to prepare for any possible onslaught against us.

We cannot allow our history to contain ANOTHER blood-stained entry.

There is, however, one other concern. I suspect that Israel's people may not support their leaders, because they too, are victims of hatred. Just like the Palestinians.

There is a side of me that wishes to completely obliterate both Israel and Palestine in order to close the chapter on the entire Israel VS Palestine issue, but that would be far too harsh for the people of both countries.

Ahh, what a dilemma. I believe that this post might irk both sides, but I speak the truth. I assure you, gentlemen, that our time will come.

A true time when wars and suffering will be a thing of the past. However, we MUST work towards it.

May our work be blessed, regardless of who our Gods may be.

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