Monday, September 15, 2003

Just came round after a few errands in APIIT:

1. Retrieved my lost CNDS book.
2. Retrieved my DBS results (I passed!)
3. Found out that I've lost 10 GameFAQs Karma Points for posting something offensive, and yes, it was my fault. I should've been more careful.

There's a minor question I'd like to ask the working generation today:

What is your main reason for being with a company?

For me, it's not merely about the cash; it's about the HONOUR.

I've been through one of the less-than-honest ones once before, and I'm glad that I've got a new job with a new company.

A trend business. An honourable business that keeps me ahead of the pack.

That's a brief description of it. Been with it for 2 months, and although I'm still learning the ropes, I'm glad I'm with it.

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