Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saviour-V teleports into the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary, just as the hidden panel opens to reveal the ReviewMe Monitor....

Heh. Just thought I'd call it that. Anyway, for all you motorcycle builders out there, today's review is dedicated to you. Although it's more a mini-review, at the moment.

Saviour-V grins as the ReviewMe monitor turns on, and after a few moments of the "DOWNLOADING..." message, it beeps and displays the current review's subject...

Building A Custom Chopper Frame

Simply put, this mini-course is meant to focus on 9 common problems that most motorcycle builders face when building their rides. This course is free, but you'll need a valid e-mail address to receive each part of this course.

As of right now, I've only gotten 1 out of 9 parts, but I expect more in the next few weeks. But to whet your appetite, let me share that first lesson with all of you:

The ReviewMe monitor flickers briefly, before displaying the information in question...

"Problem #1: What is the difference between common pipe and tubing?

A: This is also a very important and critical issue. There is a significant difference between pipe and tubing. The mechanical values are very different.

· Pipe is measured on the ID (inside diameter).

· Tubing is measured on the OD (outside diameter).

Even though most pipe is rated to withstand a great deal of internal pressure, its molecular structure is too brittle to be bent without damage. Weakening common pipe may also fracture if not cut properly and is often difficult to weld. On the other hand, most tubing is suitable for cutting, bending and welding. These are necessary factors when choosing a material to build a motorcycle frame."

The information stays up for about 5 minutes, before it is erased...

Hope that little tip will give you an idea of what to expect. However, if you want more information on how to actually build a bike, visit Custom Choppers Guide.

Round there, you should be able to buy a few DVDs that can provide you with enough information to start building your meanest machines. Toughness and leanness not guaranteed by me, though.

Anyway, have fun.

Saviour-V grins, as usual, before teleporting out of the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary, just as the ReviewMe Monitor slides back into the hidden panel....

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