Friday, July 20, 2007

Inside the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary, a hidden panel on one of the walls opens up to reveal the monitor that Saviour-V usually uses for his reviews, but strangely enough, the person in question isn't in the Sanctuary...


Oops. Sorry, he's here.

And rightly so, Mr. Narrator. Got in here through the underground entrance a while back. Anyway, I figured I should change my usual reflex and NOT teleport in like I usually do. And review #4's up.

Saviour-V picks up a glass and fills it from a nearby water dispenser, before glancing at the monitor....

From XZIST Games, I give you the review for their game: People Shooter.

This 9 MB executable seems to have been written in C (an old programming language that's still used today, by the way), and personally, it can be a resource hog if you don't have enough RAM to support it. In fact, on a 512 MB RAM-filled laptop, the graphics and textures started to glitch up after the 3rd time playing it, before the game crashed.

The premise of this game's simple, although it's not really for the kids. Of course, I wouldn't really recommend it to the adults either, unless you guys have a good sense of humour. In my case, after a few playthroughs, I think I've a good sense of boredom.

In People Shooter, you have to kill people (obviously) who happen to be throwing themselves off the walls of a castle. You do this by left-clicking on them to shoot them, for 200 points each. You get 8 bullets, which slowly replenish themselves when you're not shooting, but you can also shoot the ducks that randomly wander in from the sides of the screen. Shooting a duck once gets you a bullet back and 50 points, but a second shot causes them to explode in a flurry of feathers, and gives you 5 more bullets and 100 points.

If you fail to kill a person before he hits the ground, not only does he make a nasty mess on the ground, but the bar on the left of the screen will fill up with blood. And the more you miss, the more it fills up. When it's fully filled up, it's game over, because "the hell reserved for suicide victims becomes full and blows up".

Fortunately, to keep some space cleared up in Hell, the flying demons (more like flying rejects from Hell's processing labs) that fly in from time to time can be shot, which reduces the blood inside the bar.

However, given that there are far too many targets and not enough bullets, one is forced to rely on both skill and luck to survive this relentless onslaught of lemmings.

Personally, my biggest gripe was the fact that there were no power-ups to make killing a breeze, or to slow down the pace of the falling people. Worse still, that bullet limit is a problem, because you can't really reload your gun unless you kill a duck, and you won't get more bullets unless you use two bullets to kill one. So running out of ammo is a big problem.

In any case, the game's mildly entertaining for the first 5 minutes or so, but given that it doesn't have much variety, it gets boring and more difficult after that time-frame.

Of course, I think there are far more skilled players than me, so feel free to download that game, and beat my high score of 12,000 points or so, with a mouse and a touchpad. And have fun, more importantly.

Saviour-V grins, and teleports out...

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