Thursday, June 28, 2007

Saviour-V walks out of the Blood Phoenix Sanctuary's Dining Hall, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief...

Lunch was good. Let's see if this next site is better, comrades!

The monitor's display flickers for a moment, as the URL for the next review appears...

I have to admit it, das war UNERWARTET.

Saviour-V grins slightly...

Translation? "That was UNEXPECTED." Which is what I will say for my review offer for Their offer? "Onlinespiele", which translates to "Online games". Roughly.

Now here's the catch. They expected an English review, for their German site.

Saviour-V doubles up with laughter...

Well, since a Saviour must be prepared for anything, here's the review, with some translations in a few key places.

First off, a Google translation of the main page:

"Welcomely on the side for free on-line plays and Onlinegames.

On you find a good selection of Onlinegames, which can play you directly in your Browser. All Freegames is editorialally examined and tested. They need only one java or flashfähigen Browser and already can it loose-go. There are neither a electioneering programs nor expensive memberships. All on-line plays published here are directly playable without registration. To simply times briefly forget ideally for lunch time or around the everyday life.

Much fun when playing wishes"

Translation? Lots of online games that you can play in your browser, with no memberships, registrations, or the like. Just as long as you have Macromedia Flash and Java loaded up in your browser, you can play them.

And not all of the games are in German. One gem in particular is Wings Of Fury, which is a remake of an old Amiga game of the same name. In it, you pilot an American plane, raining havoc on the Japanese in the period of World War 2.

Getting back to the site itself, the games are arranged in sections, with the top games making it to the main page. There's "Action", "Arcade", "Brettspiele" (board games), "Geschicklichkeit" (skill-based games), "Klassiker" (classic games), "Strategie" (strategy games), and for a list of all games, "Onlinespiele" lists down all the games, regardless of category. A crude design, but effective.

Saviour-V yawns slightly...

As for the games themselves, there's more Java-based games than Flash ones. And not all of them are enjoyable, for some seem to be too simplistic. Of course, if you need a quick diversion, simplicity is one way of doing it.

There's about roughly 60+ games in this site, but it seems like there hasn't been anything recent as of this time. That might change, though.

I'd say that this site is relatively average. Some design points are there, notably in the way the information is structured, but I think that this site needs more games that happen to be a bit more challenging. Also, since English-speaking visitors are expected to visit this site, a rough translation and explanation of the site would be helpful.

So, just like the other site I reviewed previously, this particular one is AVERAGE. Not too little, and not too much. And yes, there's room for improvement.

Saviour-V grins slightly...

Anyway, visit the site, and have a bit of fun on your lunch break, people!

Saviour-V teleports out, as the monitor swivels back into the hidden panel...

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