Thursday, June 28, 2007

Saviour-V teleports back into the Sanctuary, as the monitor shows the first site that's up on today's review...

OK! The first review for today is on mac games. Specifically, Mac Games and More.

Saviour-V clears his throat...

A-hem! First things first, I don't own a Mac, but my father does, so I was hoping to use it to download a few Macintosh games from this site, but he had something on, so I'll be basing this review from another perspective.

As its title mentions, Mac Games and More focuses on Mac games, and other things. Namely:

"Mac software, hardware and peripherals including the iPod and accessories. Features a weekly pick of the best games, applications, freeware, products and more. Specializing in all things Mac like hardware, software and peripherals."

Or so goes the description in my review offer, but I'll be the judge of that, heh heh. Chances are, there'll be a chew-out in this review.

The place itself is maintained by a certain Cate Defrise. Just like GameFAQs in its earlier days,, it's a one-man show. It's been around since August 2004. A commendable effort, to say the least.

Still, the site's design does leave a few things to be desired. I mean, compared against GameFAQs, this site doesn't break down games by genre, instead, there's a weekly selection of games. But then again, Mac games aren't all this place has.

While Mac freeware and shareware games make up the "Mac Games" part of the site, Mac widgets and other Mac-useful software are part of the "and More" name of the site. Plus a few Flash games, which are relatively enjoyable, and some Mac game reviews, too.

There are a few reviews on Mac hardware and peripherals, but I saw no sign of any sections dedicated to JUST those things. The place could use a little re-organizing, if you ask me. And seriously, how can you say "And More" if there isn't any visible sign of that? Think about it.

In fact, I think I'll just say that while this site is one way of proving that there is a market for Macintosh games, hardware, and accessories, the place itself still needs work, and perhaps a helping hand or two, in terms of organizing content.

And unlike books, I won't bother with a rating, but I would say that this site is AVERAGE, at best. There really isn't anything that grabs the attention of a visitor straight from the get-go, and that can be quite bad for a place that's advocating Mac-related stuff.

Sorry, but this site's design and structure JUST doesn't attract me that much. It's a good effort, but it requires much more to make it the best.


Saviour-V walks over to the Dining Hall, while the monitor begins to bring up the next site for review...

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