Monday, November 07, 2005

Saviour-V teleports in...

It's been a long time, comrades...

Saviour-V glances around, noting the large amount of dust that his Sanctuary has gathered over the past 7 months...

So much has happened. But let's start with the more recent events.

For one thing, I'm no longer with FedEx Australia. I've finally severed that link. Except that I'll be getting a new affiliation soon. For an old friend's sake.

Handed in my resignation notice a week before the 31st of October this year. Forfeited some of my pay, but it was worth getting out of there. Kept feeling like a machine, telling Australian customers what they needed, and taking the abuse from quite a number of them.

Especially with the launch of the Australian Customs' Cargo Management Re-engineering system - Mein Gott, if you want a prime example of what happens when you steamroll operations on unprepared people, look no further. The result of that whole thing, circa Oct 12th 2005, was a MASSIVE backlog of uncleared packages, and we STILL get blamed for delays, even though everyone's suffering.

And then, there was Alan Blanar. Now, although this goes against my principle of withholding names of transgressors, I believe that he's earned the right - and my wrath - to get a place as a third-rate convict.

The first signs of trouble came up when he called late one evening, trying to get the status on his package. Although I tried reasoning with him, he just refused to listen, instead, he kept asking for a supervisor. Abusively, I might add. I will withhold his curses and insults here, but suffice to say, he overstepped the line. Even made one of our reps cry after putting up with such abuse, and she was trying her best to help me out.

The next day, he called again, expecting to get a package from Indonesia to Australia, but without enough security clearance. According to him, he forgot (rather conveniently) to include his FedEx account number to authorize things. And we ended up calling FedEx Indonesia to accommodate his whims.

Finally, the last straw came when he spoke to Colin, one of our top reps (almost like a supervisor, him) in that same abusive tone and language, all about his packages again. In fact, he had the AUDACITY (as Colin would later recount) to admit that he deliberately called Customer Service just to push us around, instead of dealing with the Australian managers of FedEx directly.

In fact, Colin added, "...ordinary people who get bad service would stop using us, but not THAT guy. He's just deliberately USING us to get his way."

If I ever obtain the opportunity, he will most certainly NOT escape judgement.

That aside, I've also been wondering about where things will go from here. I mean, whether or not I get the other job, will I be truly happy? I thought that leaving the job at FedEx would be a good thing, but thinking about it a bit, even though I'm free, there's still the issue of whether I'd get a decent challenge out of anything else I get. Even if it's working under an old mentor and friend once again.

I think it might be worth it, though. Something I love doing means much more than something I don't. Wish me luck, comrades!

Saviour-V teleports out...

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