Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Saviour-V teleports in...

These days, things have become rather boring, so the occasional word or two would be great. I mean, from my old friends, including a certain Dhora, and a few others.

That aside, yesterday evening saw me headed for a place called Batang Berjuntai, and yes, I am aware that it has something to do with things that swing (partial reference to an old Limp Bizkit song).

My old boss, Mr. Asir, brought me round to the new UNISEL (that's short for UNiversity Industri SELangor, or Selangor Industrial University, depending on your translation) campus there. A sort of graduation dinner for the students there, and a welcome dinner for the staff and lecturers.

Quite a large place, all one hundred acres of it. Enough space to run a few facilities if given enough time. Only regret was that I forgot to bring my camera...>_<

Still, it sure brought back a lot of familiar memories, some good, some bad...and then some. Worth a second trip, and maybe worth staying there for a brief spell.

In other news, I'm still trying to find my groove. Lost it after a brief relationship with someone, and then some. Still trying to get it back and fight properly. Pray that I do, because it's getting rougher these days.

Speaking of rough, by the way, Jeff Ooi, owner of the Screenshots blog, and Teresa Kok, one of our ministers, have been busy reporting about an MMS clip of a woman forced to do ear-squats in the nude, watched by the soulless eyes of a policewoman.

That clip's threatening to sour ties between Malaysia and China, if you check up on things at those two places, and we're trying to fix things. And then, there's a lot of other things that have come to light courtesy of this.

I really hope that this whole thing is resolved properly, and justice is served steaming hot. Lately, it's been quite the cold dish.

Saviour-V teleports out...

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