Monday, October 13, 2003

Currently on OVERDYNE mode. Project's due in 9 days, and I haven't the slightest inkling of what we're supposed to do.

I've been looking up a lot of VB code for this purpose. The code in some sites seems to be much better than what most of my team-mates have offered me.

One minor story I'd like to share with you all.

Last night, around 20:05, I finally reached Klang after an exhausting (but fun) outing in KL.

Called up Mum, and Mum mentioned that I had to get back home on my own.

So I was busy walking along the bridge closest to the ruins of the Great Wall supermarket, just wondering about life.

Halfway across, I spotted two guys FISHING from the safety of the bridge.

What interested me was the fact that their fishing target was a very heavily polluted Klang River. Filled with garbage and loose debris.

In most cases, you'd expect that the river would be too polluted to sustain life.

So, I asked one of them, "You guys fishing?"

Guy smiles, and answers, "Yep."

I ask, "In THERE?"

Guy nods his head, still smiling.

I ask, "Any fish there?"

Guy points to his bicycle, and that's when I noticed a very large red snapper in the bike's basket.

Subhanallah! (Exalted be Allah!)

That's when I learnt that we humans are all fishermen, fishing for fortunes and better lives in this world.

Depending on our dreams and intentions, there are many sorts of fishermen.

Some who'd be satisfied by fishing in the murkiest of rivers, and getting one or two big fish.

Some who'd prefer the choices offered by the oceans of our Earth.

And some who'd use their previous catches to catch bigger and better fish.

So, what are YOU fishing for? ^_^;;

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