Wednesday, February 05, 2003

WinAmp 3 Jukebox Entry #20: Act On Instinct (from Command And Conquer)

We are going to have to act.....if we want to live in a different world.

Wise words. Yet, even I myself have NOT acted upon them yet.

The Columbia tragedy, the upcoming war against Iraq, my life. Not much I've done to change these. Got to, though. It's expected, anyway.

Personally, a social life would help, but I need more than just contact; I need sources of information. Preferably, enough to create a coalition of some sort.

Combined information / knowledge is much more useful than individually separate items. Let me know of anything interesting, and we should get along pretty well.

And speaking of knowledge, has anyone ever gone taken the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Software Engineer.....or was it System Engineer?) exam? I need a rundown on the course.....I've picked up a training guide of sorts off the public market....any hints on the subjects involved?

I'd appreciate any help you've got.

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