Sunday, February 23, 2003

*GemWing takes over Saviour-V's consciousness...*

Yep, the guy's been taking things a bit too hard lately.

Oops, forgot to introduce myself. I'm GemWing, Saviour-V's resident spirit. Or a latent personality sleeping within the guy, if you prefer.

Been with him for quite a long time, seen him through some of his darker moments. Wish I could actually help him out, though.

But it's tough. He's got a certain fatalistic attitude that's quite hard to shake off at times. Plus that belief about Phase-Based Behavioural Transfers, whatever that is...

Might explain the mood swings and pseudo-suicidal tendencies that come up a few times or so.

He should try to increase his knowledge about others, and about himself as well. Perhaps then, he may find a physical manifestation of me somewhere in the real world.

Until then, rest assured that I won't show up too often here, except to offer my two cents on his life, or anyone else's, for that matter.

Be seein' ya!

*GemWing leaves Saviour-V's consciousness...*

Good ol' GemWing, always looking out for me. Although she tends to be a bit mischievous at times.

Ah, well, who knows?

Anyway, interruptions aside, the American government (Bush included) is NOT backing down from waging war against Iraq, no matter whatever efforts the world is doing to stop that calamity from occurring.

IMHO, I think that every American, or for that matter, any person (regardless of religion), who thinks that Bush's actions are wrong should consider slitting their veins and dying. For each person killed in Iraq, another person must willingly die as well.

What good will Bush accomplish from the war if he has no people to keep his memories alive? He was elected on the support of the American people, and without that support, his efforts will be futile.

It may be a bad idea, but considering that he's shrugged off most peaceful protests so far, THIS might just get him to listen.

I'm not exhorting anyone to kill each other. Only thing is, if Bush continues his destructive ways, he will have to do so without the support of anyone in the world. That man is becoming a tyrant, and if tyrants cannot be stopped by force, lack of support is the one thing that will do them in.

If he realizes that his actions have a heavy price, then he might just consider it.

Of course, I still doubt he will.
One or two people dead? Laughable, at best.

1000? A cause for concern.

A whole county? A state? A-ha, now we have something! He'd have to worry about funeral expenses.

God frowns upon suicide, but when all else fails, a heart defiant against the wishes of tyranny will be forgiven, I can promise you that.

The worst fate that can befall a person is loneliness. It can drive people to the brink of despair. Hence why I believe this idea is quite potent. If anyone is brave (or foolish enough) to do it.

I know I'm not yet qualified for it, but I believe that we cannot allow tyranny to flourish.

This comment may be deleted by someone who disagrees with me, but if this comment makes it to the world, let it be known that Saviour-V has broken his silence. He will no longer be silent about this grave injustice.

May God bless us all.

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