Wednesday, December 18, 2002

The art of flattery is a delicate art. As is the art of true praise. Both are hard to distinguish, and are frequently misunderstood.

A pity. But such is the nature of most humans; they tend to focus on what they see, and fail to sense what's inside of what they see.

I pray that I don't become one myself. At times, there are cases when I tend to hurt / injure people indirectly, and for this, I sincerely apologize.

But I'm only doing what I believe is right. Or, at least, is right according to the One above.

Even though I sometimes have the impression that He's a nasty cosmic joker....hmph.

Ah, human nature. How utterly unpredictable. That's what makes our lives such a mess.

Finding the perfect specimen amidst the rubble is difficult to say the least. That's just the way it is.

We strive for perfection, failing to realize that we ourselves are purposely flawed to begin with, and are, thereby, doomed, never to reach that perfect 100% in our lives. Yet, we ignore that, and continue on.

What we should be doing is to strengthen our weaknesses, and stand up together as a whole unit. If it were only THAT simple.

You can tell that some things in life really aggravate my emotional stability, at points.

Guess I should've listened to my Dad and kept my advice to those that really DO want to hear it. But I have my reasons for acting the way I am.

Perhaps, I too, wish to achieve perfection. A way to improve the lives of humanity. A utopia to govern the earth, if I ever live to create and rule it.

Many people fought for this dream in the past, with many variations. Even Hitler. Misguided one, though he may be.

I just hope that the One above grants me enough wisdom to prevent such calamities from re-occurring.

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