Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I think that our government's spending too little on the Royal Malaysian Air Force's budget.

Either that, or the passengers of a CERTAIN army chopper are just plain voyeuristic.

Sometime around 11:00 a.m. Malaysian time, I was rudely woken up from my sleep by the sounds of that chopper. Went outside, looked up, and noticed that it was doing a few rounds in the skies above my house.

At close range. The noise was, needless to say, deafening.

After several minutes or so, the chopper finally left. One of our neighbours mentioned that they made the same patrol for 2 previous nights in a row.

If I had a loudspeaker / bullhorn, I'd really give them a piece of my mind.

(Thoughts if THAT happened:)

Me: Ground to Unidentified Aircraft, state your business! If we do not receive any answer, we'll send a rocket up your tailpipe!
Chopper Pilot: Unidentified Aircraft to Ground, we're just doing a routine patrol....
Me: Get your accursed chopper out of there. You can do your patrol elsewhere!

(End of thoughts)

Mum mentioned two things afterward. One was about the 2 remaining gang members of a robbery gang that preyed on VIPs. "That," she said, "might explain the chopper's actions."

The other thing was concerning the possibility that the chopper could actually land in our back yard....it's quite large, by the way.

"If they use our back yard, I'll charge 'em RM$10,000 just for parking there," remarked Mum, a grin on her face.

To which i replied, "Make that RM$50,000 for ruining my beauty sleep."

I REALLY HATE unwelcome interruptions.

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