Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Same ol' story....morning glory.

Although it's 20:10 here in Malaysia.

Got a shot at a few games recently. Still trying to understand Gal's Panic S3's system.

You get a bit of the first one (Showtime DX for a 100%) but then there's the E-X-T-R-A coins (from Gal's Panic S2) that come round if you keep up the fight long enough. I suspect that the C-H-A-N-G-E coins that accompany the E-X-T-R-A ones are also available in this version...which might possibly mean that I'll have to play longer to get those to appear.

Gal's Panic S2's EXTRA CHANGE mode was quite something; one moment you have 25% of the girl's silhouette cleared, the next minute, you get 55% because of the newest pose she's striking....nice touch there, Kaneko! ^_^;;

OK. Enough of the ecchi / hentai quotes.

On more serious issues, my Object-Oriented Programming & Software Engineering projects are almost due....got to pick up the pace and simultaneously revise. However, my comrade-in-arms, Jace Barret, has just handed me a stumbling block.

Still, I find the subbed vids of Mahoromatic and ZOE: Idolo to be worth my time. Finished them in 3 nights.

Relatively touching. Kudos go to both Gainax and Konami for their excellent efforts.

Damn, I'm not concentrating again.

Still, maybe I should ask myself this: Should I really go for something that seems to be a push in the right direction, when all other signs point elsewhere?

If I can answer that, maybe I might just have enough motivation to continue this life of mine, sans the hypocrisy I usually use when my Mum checks on me.

Or maybe I should get a few more friends, especially the female ones. Can't stay as a lone wolf for too long....^_^;;

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