Thursday, December 30, 2004

Saviour-V teleports in...

Sometimes, it takes time to get through to a few people. Considering that we've been exposed to a negative world for the bulk of our lives, most of us would be quite wary of anything that we don't know much about.

In as much as I dislike Donald Trump's show, The Apprentice, I have to salute the man for offering the opportunity, albeit to a select few, for some people to vie for the coveted position of high-calibre sub-ordinate.

Of course, there were other things that seemed to make it somewhat doubtful, but I'll mention my quotes on that show some other time.

GemWing teleports in, her eyes closed as she speaks...

You're still a bit cross and irritated about the attitudes of some people. To quote you, "Most people couldn't even see a potential opportunity if it were dangling right in front of their faces.".

GemWing opens her eyes and grins momentarily at Saviour-V, as he casts a slightly tired glance in her direction...

Indeed. Some people seem to be too content with what they've got in their lives, preferring to seek security over freedom. Worse still, when offered the opportunity to gain freedom, they reject it, believing that they'd still be able to achieve it by remaining within what they know.

And some people seem to have quite a laid-back attitude about life as well. Those that go by the adage "que sera, sera," or "Kun, fayakun," or anything similar.

If I remember right, you used to subscribe to those beliefs. It's taken you quite a while to change your mindset over time, albeit slowly. Why, might I ask, DID you change?

A few things change a person's beliefs over time:

1. The books that a person reads. I've had the opportunity to read a few choice books, such as Zig Zaglar's "See You At The Top" and Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad's Business School: For People Who Like Helping People". I've read both editions of the latter, and I've got a bias towards the 2nd edition, due to its clarity and improved information.

2. The tapes that one listens to. Apart from my usual musical repertoire, I've managed to sneak in some time listening to the words of many of my business partners who are involved in the business I'm in. Many of which have become successful millionaires, but have still managed to retain their hearts.

3. The people that a person meets. Reflecting on my past, I was quite ANTI-SOCIAL, and I used to consider human emotions as a mere waste of chemicals.

However, having met the many successful business partners in my business, especially one who is merely 2 years my senior, I began to realize that being a hermit wasn't going to get me much leeway.

Sure, I still have my anti-social moments, even now, but I realize now, albeit slowly, that meeting new people does have its good points.

Sure, I can still swear when I'm under stress, although I'd say that I've tried to increase my patience levels a bit. Besides, when you think about it, swearing's nothing more than a few words that only serve to foul up the moods of you and everyone else around you.

Of course, some may argue with you, asking, "What is all that good for? You're merely just following the steps laid by others!"

Good point there, GemWing. You've been listening quite well.

Sure, some people will often say, "Shit happens, wipe it up, and shit some more." or anything similar. And I can bet that these people have pretty much blazed their own paths in life, taking a lot of pains and aches along the way. A few of these are quite successful people, I know. But surely, it must've taken a long time for them to achieve their goals in life.

Let me tell you all a brief story, if you're interested.

Before Mount Everest was scaled by Sir Edmund Hillary, and his Sherpa guide, Tenzing Norgay, back in 1953, two other climbers had attempted to scale the mountain, only to give up 300 feet (about 90 metres) away from the summit.

Had it not been for the efforts of those previous climbers, the famous duo would never have climbed Everest in the first place. As it turned out, even after many hardships and near-fatalities, the two finally stood on the summit of Everest, setting an achievement for many others to follow.

Even though he isn't an active mountaineer these days, Sir Edmund tirelessly works on many humanitarian projects in Nepal, and has been responsible for establishing a number of schools and medical facilities there.

Because of his efforts, many people are now able to climb Everest with much less effort than he did way back in 1953. Sure, you could still climb Everest with the bare necessities, like he did, but then again, why would you?

Better to gain the most experience within a shorter time period than a long one.

And the best experiences aren't always your own. Learn from others' experiences, especially the experiences of very successful people, and your chances of success will be enhanced many times over.

GemWing nods, before teleporting out...

Anyway, just before I conclude tonight's item, spare a thought for those affected by the tsunamis across Asia. At this moment, over 80,000 have died. A few days ago, it seemed like the deaths would end at about 20,000, but the threat of disease looms over this whole thing.

I'm still a bit shaken by all this, since I nearly lost one of my closest friends to this disaster. If anyone can still afford NOT to care, then try to generate some. This whole thing has been quite an unexpected calamity.

Saviour-V teleports out...

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