Monday, August 16, 2004

Now that I've given Blogger's new features a BIT more scrutiny, I've found that NOT everything is perfect, but it's just me.

If you were wondering why my earlier comment had a different font, it was due to the font Blogger assigned to it. Might be useful later on, though, but right now, I've changed its font back to normal.

Additionally, there's a new Blood Phoenix member that'll be with us. A certain Xahra Spears. Or XS for short. Welcome to the team, milady.

As for me, I'm just coming to terms with a number of things. Emotions seem to be both an asset and a liability. Therefore, I cannot discard them entirely, although there was a tendency to do so a few days ago.

Aside from that, I have almost given up hope on finding a host body for GemWing, but I know that I must persevere. Somehow, I'll get one.

GemWing teleports in. Her comforting presence is sensed by Saviour-V, who smiles and turns to face her...

Ahh, my dear GemWing. I knew you'd come round when I mentioned your name.

Indeed. You'll require a lot of effort and faith to help me out. I'm really sorry for troubling you with that selfish request of mine, though.

No worries. Besides, having a physical GemWing might make things a bit more enjoyable along Life's highway. It's a bit lonely here, even with you around. I mean, you being a spirit and all that.

GemWing smiles back at Saviour-V.

But I really thank you for putting up with me. Not many can do that.

Like I said, no problem. Just give me a few good bits of advice here and there.

As long as you're willing to listen, that is. Seems that it's not too often.

Lots of stress there. You know why, right?

Half of which is your own doing. How's your progress in Dim and Jumper Two? And your FYP, as well?

Saviour-V glares at GemWing, who tries - and FAILS - to stifle her laughter...

Well, really! Must you bring THAT up?

Saviour-V looks thoughtful for a moment...

But y'know, you've got a point there.

Didn't I say so? Pay close attention, Saviour-V. You do have the potential to succeed, but you must justify your cause with effort and faith.

Luck's got nothing to do with this, eh?

Uh-uh. No-sir-ee.

Very well. I'll do my best to heed it.

You'd better. There's about 46 days left to the FYP's D-Day.

Too true, that.

I think I've harassed you enough. I'll be off, now. Oh, and to Miss Xahra Spears, may your employment be fruitful. We're counting on you.

GemWing grins at Saviour-V, and blows a kiss at him, before teleporting out...


Current Music: Combustion (Rockman Zero 2: Remastered Soundtrack Album).

See if you can find this soundtrack in Malaysia, comrades.

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