Tuesday, September 14, 2004

There have been times that I have crossed the line of decency, often without realizing it. I believe, THAT is what makes us human.

We're all prone to making mistakes, some of which others would hardly consider forgiving. But sometimes, I think we should be more acceptive of ourselves.

Having read the rant of a certain Dark KOF made me realize that too much humble pie is JUST as lethal as having too much arrogance.

Yet, occasionally, we're guilty of doing that, either consciously or unconsciously.

It has been difficult adjusting to 24 years of my life-span here on Earth, and there are days that I can get up and praise the Creator, and days when I feel so low that I need a lot of help to get me out of my messes.

Only too true, X. I've noticed that your emotional seal has begun to break.

Saviour-V glances round to find GemWing nearby...

There was a time I thought that emotions were a liability, for they caused pain, and untold hardship. It took a long time for me to appreciate the other side of human emotions, GemWing, but I fear the day that I wake up to find myself considerably less than a human than I already am.

Stay up, X. There may be limited time to do the most important things, but you CANNOT afford to wallow in self-pity for too long. Unless you hold out your hands to embrace the beauty of this world, you may never understand it. Ever.

Ahh, but there are times this heart can be terribly cold and distant. I hope that I can find someone to stay by my side, and warm my heart once again.

GemWing, perhaps you may be my creation, but if something unexpected occurs, seek someone else who may help you.

Don't say that, X. You're more physical than I am. You should have more power than a mere Guardian Spirit.

I'm trying hard to believe that sometimes.

GemWing looks at Saviour-V sadly...

Trust yourself, my love. Only you can do it.

GemWing teleports out, leaving Saviour-V on his own...

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