Monday, June 14, 2004

Yesterday was great. We went to Hulu Langat, in the thick of Selangor. Lots of trees, and not a single petrol station in sight.

Why, you might ask?

Because our Uncle Jaafar had invited us (my family and a few friends) over to his HUGE fruit orchard (7 acres of fruit trees, according to my parents) for a fruit-fest. And to sweeten the deal, just after we had brunch (around 10:30 a.m. Malaysian time), he pointed out the river just a few metres away from his house, and we wasted no time in changing our clothes and going for a dip in its cooling waters.

Or LONG soak, in my case. Along with my first brother, his girlfriend, and a friend of mine, whose name will be withheld for the moment...^_^;;

Oh, and don't forget my 2 younger brothers. Busy fishing, and getting their feet wet, although the aforementioned people above gave them quite a soaking! Heh heh.

Also of note was the heart-shaped durian that we picked off from the trees on the other side of the river. It really looked like a Valentine's heart. Quite odd, indeed.

But notably, the orchard itself was immense. Lots of fruits. Just great.

In fact, we even brought some home, especially the lemons. They're good for lemonade, and seasoning for some dishes, too...yum!

Also, later that night, we celebrated Father's Day at a restaurant a few kilometres away from Bukit Jalil, and that's when Mimi (yes, that's my earlier friend there) and I gave Dad the presents we had decided to buy for him.

He was quite happy, I must say. And I'm glad that he was. He's the best father anyone could have.

Thanks, Papa.

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