Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sometimes, I wonder how I manage to paint myself into these corners....

1. One GUIW Project.
2. One OT Final Exam.
3. One Final Year Project Midpoint Meeting.

And my moonlighting as a part-time businessman.

Heh. Guess it's proof that I need to mature a bit more quickly than I normally do.

Some of you might be wondering whether I happen to have a few girl-friends around or not. Well, most of them are normally just friends. Never had a romantic relationship in my life for real, although I've had something that felt like one.

Both sweet and bitter at the same time. I would've wished for us to be together, but there are many twists and turns in any love story, and mine ended a bit abruptly. Sort of.

But whether I can find love again is entirely up to me. I mean, a few online romances are a good start.

Getting back to the real world, I'm busy on a certain Java project, and I could use some specifications on MIDI. Musical notes never appealed to me; I normally play by ear.

Well, does anyone have a clue?

EDIT: Forgot to add my current music....and a new link to the Frequently Accessed Zones. Check it out there, or in the Current Music entry.

Current Music: Rush 'n Attack - OverClocked Remix (original composition from OverClocked Remixes)

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